Creativerse – Returned, But In a New World

I’ve returned to Creativerse since last month. In the new world, I rebuilt my old projects from other worlds.

So far, I have the underwater base and Merry Merry Factory rebuilt. I need to work on the Merry Merry Inn, but this month is a busy month… ;; I don’t think I will be able to build Merry Merry Inn in time for Christmas this year. At least I finished Merry Merry Factory for Christmas, so I am quite happy with that. 😀

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Creativerse Screenshots ~ Around Christmas + New Year Part 3

Okay, so I did say I would get screenshots of the inn. I decided to retake screenshots of the factory as well while I was there. I tried to take screenshots of the path I walked through to give the audience an idea of how the inn looks like. THAT PLAN FAILED COMPLETELY. The place was too big. I took 150+ screenshots and there were still a lot of pictures missing in the middle to connect one screenshot to another. Basically, it’s a mess. Props to those who actually understand how I go from Screenshot A to Screenshot B… ^_^ ;;; To those who are as confused as me (YAS, I looked through the screenshot myself and I got confused… U_U ;; ), just enjoy the screenshots individually~ 😀

Okay, here is the screenshot dump with both factory and inn:

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Creativerse Screenshots ~ Around Christmas Part 2

First post can be found here.

(Pictures of the factory will be shown later in this post.)

After fixing up the factory, I went to build the inn. The factory reminded me of a tourist place, so I thought, why not an inn as well? (Ya, I was influenced by my Las Vegas trip quite a bit. :P)

I had planned for the inn to be very very spacious and grand… I started with the outer shell again. I kind of “drew” where the inn will be at. I wanted the inn to take about 2/3 of the land… :’D


After I finished “drawing,” I found out it was only 1/2 of the land. It was a bummer to me at the time. In the picture above, the blue squares are my land. I have 2 squares. The top square is where the inn is located. The brown rectangle is the inn. (In the square below the inn, there are 2 tiny rectangles. Those are actually the factory. You can see how much bigger the inn is compared to the factory.)

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Creativerse Screenshots ~ Around Christmas

Alright, so I found a bunch of screenshots I took during the past few weeks in Creativerse. There are a bunch, so I think I’ll split them into several posts~

There was a Christmas event going on and I was tempted to gather all the recipe. I was even more motivated when I found out the recipes stuck around after the event was over, plus the ingredients needed to create the blocks were still obtainable even after the event!

Alright, long story short (not really), I gathered recipes for a few days. o_o I went around in the snow to find present boxes called “Holiday Gift.”

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Right, I forgot to talk about Creativerse. I’ve been playing this game on Steam for the past month or so. I initially joined because my friend Jen asked me to.

This game is about building things using blocks you gather in this world. (Most items are blocks, but not all of them.) It reminds me of Minecraft, but I never really played that game, so I can’t compare them.

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