Sharing Happiness (HBC version)

I have a fav buddy at work who I love to chat and joke around with. Let’s call her “Besty”~ 😀 (Although it doesn’t look like it, it is an inside joke. Don’t read too much into the name~!)

Today, I shared some Honey Buddha Butter Chips (HBC) with her… Then, I gave her the whole bag after I found out she likes them.

^^ I also gave her a special little personalized note to go with the bag of chips. ❤

Did I mention that she’s on a diet right now… 😀 ………………………..

I feel so generous. Lolololol! :’D We joke around like that all the time. I ❤ you, Besty~


Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

I got a New Year gift from a friend~ 😀 I said I would play this game in 2017, and to my surprise, the game was sent to me as a gift right at midnight when it became 1/1/2017! :’D (Steam’s gifting system is great.) I guess I’m going back to playing Yu-Gi-Oh! again! I hope I still remember how to play it~ The last time I played the game was maybe… uh… 9 years ago…??? O_O Woah… That’s too long ago! It either really is that long ago, but feels like just a few years back, OR I DID MY MATH WRONG… O_O …. Oh, whatever. 😛