Mystic Messenger – Happy Birthday, Saeran & Saeyoung!


I originally had a comic idea to celebrate their bday. However, I got really busy and I couldn’t draw it in time, so I shrunk the idea into a few simple panels. It still didn’t work out… so I went to buy cakes for their bday instead.

I took pics of their cake, but realized I don’t see them in the pic… so this happened instead. :’D It all worked out in the end. YAY~!


Space Station Wedding – Love Nikki x Mystic Messenger

Hmm, I haven’t really talked about this mobile game here. I will talk about it more another day.

To summarize, it is a dress up game. They recently have a wedding event called Happiness Event. They give a selection of wedding dresses that we can earn, called Hall of Oath. The most recent outfit they release, which is in this picture, is called Dream Wedding.

I got the dress and played around with the backgrounds. I already made 2 other pictures with this dress. Then, today, I stumbled upon this SPACE THEME background that I forgot I had.

Hmmm… Space theme… Hmm… Wedding… Why does it sound so familiar? :’D

Yup… So I went ahead and found brown hair and an energetic smile for this “MC.”

Let’s pretend she is winking at 707~

(Too bad my username for this game is different from the name I gave MC in Mystic Messenger.)

Mystic Messenger – 707 Bad Relationship Ending 2

After approximately 1 year, I finally finish getting all endings for 707 route! Yay…! (I am happy I collected all of the endings for 707 route first.)

I am still very shook with this ending. I expected it to be mediocre because some bad relationship endings are very brief and not dramatic. Sometimes I feel like bad relationship endings can be skipped over.

However, this ending was definitely… dramatic.

***Spoilers Under the Cut!!! Will also talk about other 707 endings and other Saeran spoilers.***

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Mystic Messenger – Ray Route Is Released + My Random Thoughts

Ahhhh I’m late on writing this post. @_@

Ray route was previously planned for release on January 31st of 2018. It was released ON TIME on BOTH Android and iOS! Woot! It says February 1st for iOS release, but for my time zone, it was released on January 31st… so… o/

The route costs 250 hourglasses for those who already purchased V’s route. (I purchased V route beforehand, so I only need to pay 250 hourglasses this time.) For those who didn’t already purchase V’s route… well… Cheritz merged both routes into one price: 550 hourglasses. It kind of forces people who don’t want to play V’s route to buy his route anyways. I can see why Cheritz did that. Ray’s route is not unrelated to V’s route. In fact, they share common route content (Day 1 – Day 4). They also want to make it consistent. For instance, they only had 1 pricing for “Deep Story,” which is 80 hourglasses. Therefore, the 550 hourglasses for V’s route + Ray’s route is basically “Another Story’s” pricing.

When trying to purchase the route, there is an info pop up. The warning in red was… not supposed to be surprising, but… it still kind of surprised me… I mean, V’s route didn’t have that warning.

I started playing it around an hour after release. I found out that skipping straight to Ray’s route was not an option. You need to play the common route from scratch. However, this apparently is only the case for those who didn’t previously have a save file to jump right into Ray’s route. Let me explain a bit more.

I heard from someone who jumped straight into Ray’s route. They did this by collecting Ray’s hearts beforehand and saving the game on Day 4 right before the branch. Then, when the route was released, they bought the route. Afterwards, they load the save file and… clicked the branching button… and got Ray’s route!

I knew that Ray’s route requires common route from Another Story, but I didn’t realize I can’t jump right into the route first. (I didn’t know that in order to jump into any character route and skip the common route, you need to first finish a play through of that character’s route.) So… back to my original method… of how I play V’s route. ……Yes… I am buying a day’s worth of chat whenever I find I have time, so I can speed through the common route. Right now I am on Day 4 of the common route. The moment of truth will be tonight. O_O Let’s see if I successfully get Ray’s route…

I’ve already spoiled for myself some CGs from Ray’s route… via Tumblr. It was so ironic. I was reading a post about someone raging at spoiler content. I was thinking “it can’t be that bad, this person is overreacting.” However… I saw the spoiler content and I’m like… “Oh… now I get it…” :’D

Last but not least… I received a lollipop from Cheritz during the summer as an apology for late shipment.

I didn’t really care about the late shipment, but hey, free lollipop. Why not? :’D When V’s route was released, I was going to eat it… but… I don’t know… The lollipop look so nice, lol. Then I remember Ray likes candies, I was like ohhhhhh! +_+ I shall eat it while getting hearts for Ray! Or something dumb like that. However, I never got hearts for Ray because after a good few weeks of playing V’s route FOR V’s endings… I got so tired I didn’t want to replay the route anymore. That’s why I still have the candy.

THEN THEY ANNOUNCED RAY’S ROUTE! I was like “CHANCE!!! +_+ b” Yup… Now where did I put the lollipop. I am so gonna eat that lollipop! >:O *So obsessed*

Update: I made it to Ray’s route! Yayyyy! The hundreds of hourglasses are not in vain then! 😀

Also… I ate the lollipop… and holy slkfjaiea IT TASTES GOOD. To be fair, I never had this type of lollipop before. I expected the white part to be so hard that I can’t bite into… Well, it turns out I can bite, and it’ll turn into crumbs. It’s not extremely hard candy. Are all swirly lollipops like this? o_o The color flavors are yummy, too. I want more… Argh… I wonder where Cheritz bought it.

Hungry Hearts Diner (Continued)

I found out there isn’t much to do after beating the game. I unlocked the Shinto Altar soon after I wrote the other post. I forgot which came first: reaching level 30 or getting the Shinto Altar. Regardless, when I reached level 30, it stopped leveling up. I was a bit disappointed because leveling up gave free stamina. I ended up slowing down on playing the game. Right now I am occasionally logging on to max out recipes.

I’m so bad, I’m making grandma work for so long. D: Hey, but at least I made grandma rich. She currently have 600k+ gold after all those upgrades. +_+ b Her husband be proud!

Hungry Hearts Diner

Happy new year! The first new mobile game I played in 2018 is Hungry Hearts Diner. It has pretty high rating. It’s at 4.9/5.0 when I downloaded this game. Do check it out!

A friend recommended this game. It’s surprisingly an addicting restaurant game. In addition to the regular controls for a restaurant game, the game have mini stories. Each customer bring with them a story of their own. Through the conversations, we can learn life lessons. It really is a cozy and fun game.

It’s a short game. I finished all the stories at level 20, which was only a few hours after downloading it.

I got all the recipes and received this picture at level 23. I still need the Shinto Altar before I am done unlocking everything in this game.