Right, I forgot to talk about Creativerse. I’ve been playing this game on Steam for the past month or so. I initially joined because my friend Jen asked me to.

This game is about building things using blocks you gather in this world. (Most items are blocks, but not all of them.) It reminds me of Minecraft, but I never really played that game, so I can’t compare them.

I initially joined a world created by a stranger. I’ll refer to that world as “World A” from now on. I built a few things there, but I no longer build in there anymore. I had a theme when building in that world. I wanted to make my 2 plot of lands full of traps and secret passages, so whoever enters it will go on an adventure. There were risks when entering my land. I stopped creating in that world and moved to my friend’s world soon after. I’ll refer to my friend’s world as “World B” for this post (and possibly future posts). In World B, I created buildings that were… I guess more normal… than World A. I made a factory and inn. They were Christmas theme because of an in-game event that gave out recipe to make gingerbread walls and such. I finished making the factory in time for Christmas. I couldn’t finish the inn in time. However, I did finish the inn a few days ago and it is in time for the New Year! I will post the Creativerse screenshots of my creation later on in another post~!

I think I’ll go back to World A to fetch some screenshots of my creations from time to time. I didn’t think much about taking screenshots at the time because I didn’t think I would quit that world. I guess my regret is that I can’t get a recording of the place. It is really hard to showcase the place without recording. (Mine is action-packed! JK. :’D) The screenshots really won’t do… but that’s the best option I have right now.