Games (Online Games, Video Games, PC Games, Mobile Games, Etc.)

I’ve been a casual game addict for a long time. From Star Ocean: The Second Story, Ragnarok Online, Yugi-Oh (forgot what the exact name is), and Orisinal games to ElswordCreativerse, and Pokemon GO.

I used to be the audience when it comes to games (and can still be). I am fine watching people play games and get hype over it.

I do take the control and play many of the games myself, and it’s definitely a different kind of experience.

I enjoy both experiences, no lie. ^_^

The thing about taking the control and playing the games myself is I’m a slow learner and slow at reacting. I don’t notice everything. This applies to games I’ve played for years. I play just for fun and am not too hardcore for most games. I don’t always go for the best gear. I don’t always go for the efficient route. I do whatever I feel like doing in that game. This is why and how I play.