Sharing Happiness (HBC version)

I have a fav buddy at work who I love to chat and joke around with. Let’s call her “Besty”~ 😀 (Although it doesn’t look like it, it is an inside joke. Don’t read too much into the name~!)

Today, I shared some Honey Buddha Butter Chips (HBC) with her… Then, I gave her the whole bag after I found out she likes them.

^^ I also gave her a special little personalized note to go with the bag of chips. ❤

Did I mention that she’s on a diet right now… 😀 ………………………..

I feel so generous. Lolololol! :’D We joke around like that all the time. I ❤ you, Besty~


A Gift – Mamonde’s Gardenia Dream

I was given this hand cream as a gift. I never tried this brand before.

When I saw the word perfume, I expected heavy scented cream. To my surprise, the cream was lightly scented. I am also allergic to certain perfume, but this one was light enough that I didn’t get an itchy nose. I enjoyed the scent and it wasn’t as oily as I expected.

Now I am curious about how the other scents smell like if this one wasn’t as strong as I thought.