Mystic Messenger OP Song

In January, I said that I was listening to Elsword: Lady of El OP/ED. Well, I thought it would last longer, but I started to have a new addiction: Mystic Messenger. It’s obvious I started to have this new addiction because the blog is full of posts on it…

I started to listen to the Mystic Messenger OP Song, “Mysterious Messenger,” probably after I finished 707’s Good Ending. I don’t quite remember. I am pretty sure I didn’t bother with the song during Zen’s route because I just wanted to finish the game or something… Until I reached the end of Zen’s route and I needed more of this game. :’D

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Elsword Songs

13 days and still listening to the song~ Admittedly, though, I don’t listen to it as much as day 1. (I get headaches when I listen to songs for too long nowadays… I’m not sure why. o_o ; … I don’t blast the music either. I guess it is because I grew sensitive to sounds. (Not like I wasn’t already before.))

Elsword: Lady of El OP/ED

Hmm… I haven’t watched anime in a while… I haven’t listened to anime songs in a while as well… So I decided to listen to these two songs from the Elsword anime~ They are called “Runner’s High” (opening song) and “Reunited with Hope” (ending song). First song I don’t know the singer’s name. The second one is by 은토 (Eunto). 😀 By the way, Elsword Korea (KR) website posted the YouTube link for the songs. I reused those links, so it should be fine to listen to them on YouTube! :O

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