Smart Dolls – Kizuna + Mirai + Wedding Dresses

This was on sale recently, so I bought a dress for each of them.

The dress was a tight fit and I was scared whether they would fit or not.

I realized that the dress were sewn slightly different even though they were both the same “style.” For instance, I like the folds on the chiffon for Kizuna’s dress. It also have something similar to a rose or flower in the front of the dress (chiffon part of it). However, Mirai’s chiffon fold is not as consistent and the “flower” seems like a mess… QQ What I do like about Mirai’s dress is the top part of it. It has a better sweetheart neckline. Kizuna’s dress was strangely roomy at the top. QQ

Overall, I was a bit disappointed on how it turned out. I find it strange to look at when they wear the dress because their skinniness popped up even more and their necks seem long… etc… @_@ I am not used to seeing them like this.

However, I am still letting them wear it to get the money’s worth, hehe.

*Note: They are not marrying each other. >:O