This past weekend, I went with my parents to a Taiwanese store called Monja. They are famous for red grain pork. Continue reading


Honey Butter Chip Shipment

The shipment of Honey Buddha Butter Chips arrived a few days ago. It came directly from Korea. I ordered on Amazon on February 10th for a grand total of $14.98. There are 8 bags, so it is $1.87 per bag. As I’ve said before, after I ordered this, the price rose. :’D I am not sure of the price right now because I found a physical market that sells this. I will just buy from the market to avoid shipping wait time and it is just as cheap there if not cheaper.

The box looks destroyed, but the chip bags are intact. I am guessing customs had to check what the content was, so they opened the box. I guess I can say the chips arrived safely~

For those who are wondering, I bought from the Amazon seller called NHeStore.

Ahahaha… My hype for it died down after I discovered the market and tried the first bag. I can say I am kind of addicted to it though… I usually finish the whole bag in one sitting. I notice this chip goes stale very quickly… : x Or I just got unlucky with that one time when I left it for ~2 days. It makes me wonder how Yoosung makes this last for a week…

Sharing Happiness (HBC version)

I have a fav buddy at work who I love to chat and joke around with. Let’s call her “Besty”~ 😀 (Although it doesn’t look like it, it is an inside joke. Don’t read too much into the name~!)

Today, I shared some Honey Buddha Butter Chips (HBC) with her… Then, I gave her the whole bag after I found out she likes them.

^^ I also gave her a special little personalized note to go with the bag of chips. ❤

Did I mention that she’s on a diet right now… 😀 ………………………..

I feel so generous. Lolololol! :’D We joke around like that all the time. I ❤ you, Besty~

After Exam Treats

Treating myself after taking the exam~ This is Raspberry Chocolate Mousse from 85°C! I bought it on my way to work.

I only recently found out there is a 85°C that is located on my way to the office. If I knew sooner, I would have stopped by more often! I’m so glad that they open their store early in the morning, too. I can buy tea instead of coffee now~

Instead of tea, I bought coffee today. They had a buy one get the 2nd half off until the end of this month. My co-workers told me their coffee is good. I didn’t get to try it until today because I’ve been studying. Coffee sometimes make me sleepy, so I didn’t dare try it during the weeks I was studying. Now it is almost March, so I must try it while the deal is still here! (I actually want tea today to go with the cake… : x Oh well…)
I tried both the coffee and cake. The coffee is actually to my liking! Mmm~ I didn’t need to add sugar because it was already sweet. I have a sweet tooth, so this means it is quite sweet.

The mousse was delicious! I really enjoyed it except for the raspberry part. This is just me though, because I don’t usually like raspberry anyway. It’s not bad~ I got this one because they didn’t have other types of chocolate mousse at the time~

I feel that the location is actually bad for me, now that I think about it. How do I resist the urge to shop there when it is so convenient. :’D

Honey Butter Chips… Thoughts

When I first tasted it… I thought it was the weirdest chip I’d ever ate… It was sweet and salty at the same time. I had my fair share of salty chips, but something that was sweet enough to stand out… It felt like I was eating candy with chips.

After the first few chips… I noticed I grabbed more… Just because…

AND THEN… It was too sweet for me. =A= ||| The honey adds up and it was too much. I had to stop eating… I couldn’t stand it. I had it on an empty stomach, too. I guess maybe that was one of the problems. I don’t like eating certain sweet food on an empty stomach, such as candies…

But… soon after I stopped eating… I wanted more?!?! I craved for more?! @A@?!

This extremely complicated love-hate feeling with these chips! It makes no sense. :’D

Okay, I know I exaggerated a little (or not), but it really does have a unique flavor. Now I’m on my 2nd bag of chips (and this is day 2). I find that I enjoyed it more on the 2nd bag. Maybe because now I am more used to this unique taste of sweet chips~ (Also, I didn’t eat it on an empty stomach. =A= ; )

I am totally not addicted to these chips. I will never admit that a game got me addicted to some chips. Darn it, Mystic Messenger and 707! D: :’D

I am totally not obsessed with games. I am totally not obsessed with imaginary characters and imaginary stories.

TGI Fridays

Wednesday special at TGI Fridays! This is my favorite place to get delicious ribs. I used to come here quite often, but now it’s been months since I ate here… (I probably ate here in September 2016?) The food hasn’t changed much in taste. It is still as tasty as ever~ :3

I ordered Baby Back Rib. It cost around $12? I forgot. This includes 2 sides. The sides I ordered were baked potato and seasoned fries. I usually ask that they make the meat tender. I don’t like it when it is too dark (burnt…) or crunchy. The little black container at the top right holds the bbq sauce~

I actually forgot to take a picture of this before I started eating… so please excuse that missing chunk from the baked potato. :’D I do this way too often, but food is best when eaten hot! Okay, ya, excuses. :’D