Huehuehue… I wanted to do this for a long time now. Back during the beginning of the year, I talked to my friend about a free language learning service that was linked to our library cards… Well, let’s just say we had issues setting that up, so we never got to the learning part. Plus we didn’t set up the phone version. QAQ

Then fast forward to yesterday… I found a YouTube video that talked about an app called Memrise. This… is what I was looking for! WOOT! There are plenty of other language learning apps out there. I’ve even seen Nintendo DS versions of this idea. I guess I was just too lazy to try those or they never peaked my interest.

I tried Memrise because it seemed to have worked for that YouTuber. Honestly, I just wanted to use something like this during my free time or when I was commuting. It sounded like a fun app.

The app itself was pretty decent. We get to immediately learn the common greetings right off the bat. Do know that they don’t really teach like traditional schools do. They immediately introduced a word to me without a deep explanation to the words or alphabet. I especially noticed this when I used the Chinese course in the app. They expected us to memorize pingying without teaching us pingying. For visual recognition, it’s fine. However, knowing how pingying works might speed up the learning of new words. I think they skipped all those basics and jumped into word recognition because the basics could be boring. This is a learning app, but it is also like a game. I think they did this to keep their audience’s attention from straying. I suspected this because when I tried the Korean course, they introduced common words in lesson 1. Then, they started teaching alphabet in lesson 2. Well, as long as I learn something from the app, I think it is pretty decent.

I notice they had some listening exercises, but they required pro membership. The free version definitely should be enough to learn a bit of the basics. The pro seem to tackle specific areas and possibly help learn faster.

I used both the free and pro version. I find that the free version is good enough to help me memorize the characters. They do have listening exercises embedded in the free version. I think the free version gives a preview of different types of exercises.

However, I upgraded to pro because of 2 reasons. First of all, I wanted to improve on my listening skills. I am having a very hard time recognizing words by listening. By using pro, it unlocks this exercise that focuses specifically on listening. Secondly, there was a Halloween discount that was going to expire in approximately 2 days. The price went down by half price for the yearly subscription. Yup, I got tempted. :’D The pro unlocked other features as well, but I was mostly unlocking it for the listening exercise.

Just a FYI, the free version do have enough listening exercises that you don’t really need to get pro for the exclusive listening exercises. I just wanted to have access to the full app and hopefully I can learn faster this way.

In the app… I opened up 3 courses: Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese.

Korean: I know nothing about Korean. I downloaded the app because I wanted to learn Korean. Recently, I’ve been exposed to so many Korean words that I’m starting to get curious on what the words mean. Ya, totally not because of Mystic Messenger… NOPE… TOTALLY NOT… (Let’s see how many life changing experiences this Mystic Messenger obsession is causing. Quite a few already, actually.) And ya, totally not because I want to read untranslated manhwa of Mystic Messenger. Or know what Elsword characters are saying. YUP, TOTALLY NOT!

Japanese: I know some of the words already. I’ve been desperate before. I’ve learned Japanese off manga and bought books on learning the hiragana. I was actually quite lazy, so I never got pass the first few hiragana. Reading manga… AND READING MANGAKA BLOGS… (YES… BLOGS….) really helped me learn Japanese because some of the words stuck to my mind after seeing it so often. Anime definitely helped, too. I’ve watched so many anime that I sometimes forgot that I was listening to Japanese because I actually understood without reading subtitles for certain easy lines.

Chinese: I took Chinese courses, so I know many Chinese words. I’m using this app to review the words, so that I don’t forget what I learned. Guess what I used this language for…? 😀 … I watched anime in Mandarin when English translation was not available. I read manga in Chinese when English translation was not available. I watched Taiwanese drama and variety shows in Mandarin… YUP! 😀

As you can see, I must learn languages to help feed my hobby. Huehuehue. :’D Hey, to be fair, this was a suggested way to learn language. As long as we are interested in the topic, we will be able to learn it!

Now let the confusion begin. +_+ b (I bet I will get them all mixed up and I don’t care. I just wanna know what people are saying. DX)

If I’m so obsessed with 707 from Mystic Messenger, then I should learn Arabic, too. Too bad, I’m not that obsessed yet!


Elsword 2017 Halloween Event


SC_ 2017-10-22 23-46-34-205As usual, I am participating in Elsword’s Halloween Event! Every year I look forward to joining in. They make a special event dungeon to celebrate the holiday. I tend to like the rewards they give out for participating~

This year they are giving out a permanent Halloween pet! Woot! We can also get a fetch aura for the pet during the event period. This is a major plus for my alt characters. +_+ b

The event dungeon is pretty straightforward. There are 3 rounds of the same thing, but each round is a bit harder than the previous. We have to pay attention to the enemies’ dialogue and pick out a fake from the group. The enemies don’t attack us, so there is no way to fail this via dying. We can also pick out the fake via their movements. For this one, we need to wait until the cue before we can try.

Unlike the previous years, this year I looked up on how to play the dungeon before I even enter the dungeon. I got all the tips on what to look for and how to win. Well… this might be what made the dungeon a bit… boring for me. I tried to find a new way to reveal the fake enemy, but I was incorrect with my method and eventually stuck to exactly what the forumers said.

SC_ 2017-10-22 23-42-44-629

Another thing that made this dungeon feel boring is… this is a solo dungeon. I don’t get to interact with other players. I know this is a good thing for some people who just want to get a good score and move onto the next round quickly. However, I’ve always played the Halloween dungeon in order to get some kind of interaction from other players. Sometimes they say some funny things and I really liked those moments. I grind these dungeons too, but I don’t really mind missing a few tickets due to bad runs because these tickets are sold on the board anyway. Those make up for the bad runs.

This year… it really feels straight out boring and not festive. I don’t feel the hype at all. The rewards are great. I mean, free pet that is better than Phoru AND can get fetch aura? SURE!

There isn’t much action in the dungeon itself, though. The pause in the dungeon actually allows me to do other things for a good 15 seconds before I look at the screen again. ._. It’s not a bad thing that I can actually multitask and do other stuff during my runs, but… all I’m really doing is just look back at the screen, attack one monster, then do other stuff until the next 15 seconds pass. (I am actually doing that RIGHT NOW as I type up this blog post, lol.) I mean I could multitask (watch a movie) while I run the previous Halloween dungeon event, but this one allows a higher level of multitasking. Oh right, I am also getting, on average, full scores per entry… so… it’s not close to being difficult? XD I’m glad I can multitask, but it is… bland.

On a positive note, I think the scenery is nice. The music is definitely catchy. I actually found myself humming to the tune the other day. XD

Also, the event dungeon stays pass Halloween. It won’t disappear for a while. They also announced that the pet is still obtainable after the event is over. Although, the requirements to obtain the pet after the event will be a bit more than the current amount. This is quite unheard of in the past, but I think it started because of the new events dungeon UI. It’s not bad! 😀 I mean… It’s a free pet that have 12 slots! 😀 And… people who missed it during the event period can still get it? GREAT!

Anyways… overall, I missed the old Halloween dungeons. The biggest setback for me is it’s a solo dungeon. They have been releasing too many solo dungeons lately. Elsword is becoming quite “empty” in some parts of the game. I kind of wished it wasn’t empty (visually) at least in an event dungeon. X_X


Update: OK! So I take it back about this dungeon being dull. It seems I just didn’t know how to play it! I found out from the forums that the possessed one is larger than average. When the monsters are frozen, it is a good time to go compare each one for the “larger” one. It is very subtle, so this is quite the challenge. The max reward is actually 6. I’ve gotten a 6 before! 😀 Oh boy, NOW this is getting more fun!

SC_ 2017-10-23 21-54-50-216

Elsword – Wedding Invitation Event

There was a gathering for Elsword KR. I am not too sure of the details. It was wedding themed, and I am pretty sure it cost to reserve a seat.

It was livestreamed on YouTube. There were English translation for the video… or at least partial translation.

During the event, they talked about upcoming updates. Aside from watching people eat, there was also fan arts on the monitor. They had a concert section, too. Lastly, they showed the anime, both episode 1 and 2.

Actually, the very last thing shown was… a hint for a 3rd class. Some people posted screenshots of the hints…

Here is a link to a Tumblr post that have the video of that reveal.

The 3rd class will arrive this winter (2017).

I have mixed feelings on this… I am just so used to the art for 2nd class… QAQ

Mystic Messenger OP Song

In January, I said that I was listening to Elsword: Lady of El OP/ED. Well, I thought it would last longer, but I started to have a new addiction: Mystic Messenger. It’s obvious I started to have this new addiction because the blog is full of posts on it…

I started to listen to the Mystic Messenger OP Song, “Mysterious Messenger,” probably after I finished 707’s Good Ending. I don’t quite remember. I am pretty sure I didn’t bother with the song during Zen’s route because I just wanted to finish the game or something… Until I reached the end of Zen’s route and I needed more of this game. :’D

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Elsword’s Valentine’s Event – Got the Reward

… I was only joking when I said we would get the reality burger, but…

[Might upload screenshot in the future~ Might not~]

QAQ IT’S TRUE?! It was false advertisement! Q~Q

Oh, well… The dungeon was fun to play. It’s also a free accessory and it didn’t take much time to get. It’s better than nothing~

Oh right, my friend and I were joking around about the accessory again and made such comments:

Friend: My crimson avenger is heartless. Look at all those hearts spilling out of her.

Me: No, that’s not it! Your crimson avenger is full of love! She has so much that it is overflowing~ ❤

Elsword 2017 Valentine’s Event: This is making me laugh more than it should.

So I had a chat with my friend regarding the Elsword Valentine’s event…

They are giving out permanent heart accessory of some sort. We wanted to know how it looks like so we went to the NA Elsword website for a picture of it. We found that picture here. :’D ……….

My friend: “That picture doesn’t do the accessory justice.”

Me: *Looks at picture.* *LOL’d until there are tears in my eyes.* “Why did they decide to show the picture when the hearts are placed like that. :’D”

My friend: “Or maybe it is supposed to be static [aka doesn’t move]!”

Me: *Laughs more* If it’s static… then GG! Even if it is for Valentine’s Day, it is too much!

Then, I looked up the KR website for a picture of this accessory.

Me: “This reminds me of the ad for burgers vs. the reality of how burgers look like.”

My friend: “That looks a lot better.” <– Referring to KR website’s picture.

Me: “No. You will get the reality burger, just watch.”

My friend: “GG.”


Ya, that made my day actually.

And it’s okay, I’m not good at taking pictures either~ But this was pretty funny for me. :’D


Also, PSA: According to my friend, if you click the retry button, the “charming crystal” (heart) item will disappear. Be careful!

Ain 3rd Path: Lofty:Wanderer & Apostasia

Ya… I missed 2nafish’s livestream again… I mean I joined late again… This time I was busy studying, so… DX I only have time to see a small part of it.

For those who are interested, go to YouTube and look up 2nafish. The stream is still on right now~ He is showcasing this path’s skills and combos~ (Etc.)

My brain is so burnt right now from studying that I can barely understand what’s going on on livestream. :’D


For those who are interested, Ainchase on Tumblr translated the job path story. I feel bad for Ain even though it was expected that this would happen. @_@


Also… I CANNOT UNSEE ANYMORE! How do I take that symbol behind Ain seriously anymore. QAQ … I will keep thinking Mint Eye from now on. U_U;;;