TGI Fridays

Wednesday special at TGI Fridays! This is my favorite place to get delicious ribs. I used to come here quite often, but now it’s been months since I ate here… (I probably ate here in September 2016?) The food hasn’t changed much in taste. It is still as tasty as ever~ :3

I ordered Baby Back Rib. It cost around $12? I forgot. This includes 2 sides. The sides I ordered were baked potato and seasoned fries. I usually ask that they make the meat tender. I don’t like it when it is too dark (burnt…) or crunchy. The little black container at the top right holds the bbq sauce~

I actually forgot to take a picture of this before I started eating… so please excuse that missing chunk from the baked potato. :’D I do this way too often, but food is best when eaten hot! Okay, ya, excuses. :’D