DeerSen’s Mystic Messenger Plushies

I ordered this from DeerSen’s Tictail shop last summer and it finally arrived!!

(DeerSen’s Shop moved from Tictail to Etsy and BigCartel, by the way.)

DeerSen just put up final restock. Get it while there is any left!


Mystic Messenger – Popularity Poll 2018

The results are out! A while ago, Cheritz asked us to vote for our favorite character. It was to celebrate the launch of Spanish service for this game. The results came out on 11/12/18 and…


3rd Place – Zen

2nd Place – Ray

1st Place – 707


I want to frame the picture up or something. Someone in the Tumblr comments mentioned that the 707 picture was newly edited. I thought I saw that picture somewhere before, so I did a search and couldn’t find it. I only found a slight smile version. His smile here is so adorable, dawww~ ❤ It looks like he wants to hold in his smile, but failed. :’D Ray is so adorable as well! AND ZEN! OMG ZEN! YOU MADE IT! I was legitimately shocked when I saw Zen place as 3rd. I thought it would be Jumin.

Before the results were announced, I thought that 707 might not keep his 1st place. I thought Ray would be 1st because of his route and there really are a lot of fans who like him. I also thought Jumin would be either 2nd or 3rd. Jumin did get popular enough to have a body pillow made the first time around. I didn’t expect Zen to top Jumin’s votes. I thought Zen’s body pillow was made because he probably ranked next highest after Jumin or it fit the theme or something.

Now I am reallllllly curious as to the actual stats for this popularity poll. I want to know how many votes each character got. :O Maybe they were a close tie, maybe they weren’t. I am sooooo curious! >_<

Mystic Messenger – Ending Achievement Progress Update

Okay, so I wanted to finish all of Yoosung’s endings before moving onto the next route. However… I accidentally deleted the save file that would help me get the Bad Relationship Ending 2. My current save file won’t work even if I ignored all the chatrooms from 2nd branch onward. (I already tried. 😦 ) It seems my participation was already too high. Oops. Since I already have enough of Yoosung’s route for now… I will have to leave it at 6/7 endings for Yoosung for now. :’D

Yup, the curse of 6/7 endings is back! It seems I keep getting stuck/giving up at 6/7 endings for each route, roflmao.

Now I am working on Jumin’s route. First stop is Bad Ending 1.

Mystic Messenger – Yoosung Bad Relationship Ending 1

I wasn’t aiming for this ending… I was going for Bad Ending 2… ;;;

I thought I passed the branch safely because I didn’t see the chatrooms for Bad Ending 1. Because of that, I used max speed to passthrough the chatroom. When I opened the visual novel, I started reading some of it and I really thought it was a visual novel I forgot about…

Until I saw…


***Spoilers Under the Cut!***


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