Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year~

Ahhhh! >_< Too busy lately… I didn’t even have time to post this. I had planned to post pictures of Kizuna in a kimono for this day, too. @_@;;;


I don’t have time to dress Kizuna up, yet. The old pictures will have to do!


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Sad Progress On Drawing

… I’ve been reminded of how terrible I convert images in my mind into visible images. ; o ; …..

Anyways, I tried~


And I’ll continue to work on this…

Maybe I should have started with a front facing picture first as a warm up. X_X I need an easy mode option for drawing… >_>; I have too many images in mind that I can’t draw out properly to have the same effect. ; o ;

*Sigh.* I’ll draw as much as I can, like always~ :3 Because it’s for fun, anyway. 😛

Drawing for 2017

Okay… so I pictured something I could draw for 2017, except I don’t think I’ll finish in this month… X_X  The picture includes more than 1 person… and I have to draw hands… This is a challenge for me because I usually hide the hands and draw one person per picture.

I am tempted to draw, but I haven’t drawn (in the format I’m thinking of) for 3 years. Yes, 3 years! I lost motivation to draw… The drawings had a theme and it was difficult for me to keep drawing because of the theme. I think it will be okay now. ^_^

Creativerse Screenshots ~ Around Christmas + New Year Part 3

Okay, so I did say I would get screenshots of the inn. I decided to retake screenshots of the factory as well while I was there. I tried to take screenshots of the path I walked through to give the audience an idea of how the inn looks like. THAT PLAN FAILED COMPLETELY. The place was too big. I took 150+ screenshots and there were still a lot of pictures missing in the middle to connect one screenshot to another. Basically, it’s a mess. Props to those who actually understand how I go from Screenshot A to Screenshot B… ^_^ ;;; To those who are as confused as me (YAS, I looked through the screenshot myself and I got confused… U_U ;; ), just enjoy the screenshots individually~ 😀

Okay, here is the screenshot dump with both factory and inn:

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Creativerse Screenshots ~ Around Christmas Part 2

First post can be found here.

(Pictures of the factory will be shown later in this post.)

After fixing up the factory, I went to build the inn. The factory reminded me of a tourist place, so I thought, why not an inn as well? (Ya, I was influenced by my Las Vegas trip quite a bit. :P)

I had planned for the inn to be very very spacious and grand… I started with the outer shell again. I kind of “drew” where the inn will be at. I wanted the inn to take about 2/3 of the land… :’D


After I finished “drawing,” I found out it was only 1/2 of the land. It was a bummer to me at the time. In the picture above, the blue squares are my land. I have 2 squares. The top square is where the inn is located. The brown rectangle is the inn. (In the square below the inn, there are 2 tiny rectangles. Those are actually the factory. You can see how much bigger the inn is compared to the factory.)

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Another Kizuna’s Kimono Post

Ya, another Kizuna post… I am so indecisive… I am having second thoughts on the other kimono now… The other one is a bit dull in color, but it isn’t black… It’s just… navy blue and brown… Maybe I can let her wear it during Lunar New Year? Hmm…

……. And I just looked up when that is… WOW… Lunar New Year is on the 28th of this month?? I thought it was in February… X_X;;;