Mystic Messenger Comic – Update

Back to drawing more of this!

I was suddenly given stressful news and I was not feeling emotionally well the past few days. The issue is now resolved and I have the mood to go back to drawing the comic.

However… I got a fever now. QAQ Slept until 5pm today. Now it’s 8pm… I was only awake for 3 hours…

I figured I will just draw anyways. Priorities lololol. I slept long enough and it’s already almost bed time again. QAQ

For part 2 of the comic, I will reuse a lot of material. I just don’t have the time or mood to be creative and draw things from scratch. I AM TOO BUSY THIS MONTH! T_T


Creativerse – Returned, But In a New World

I’ve returned to Creativerse since last month. In the new world, I rebuilt my old projects from other worlds.

So far, I have the underwater base and Merry Merry Factory rebuilt. I need to work on the Merry Merry Inn, but this month is a busy month… ;; I don’t think I will be able to build Merry Merry Inn in time for Christmas this year. At least I finished Merry Merry Factory for Christmas, so I am quite happy with that. 😀

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Mystic Messenger – 2017 Christmas Comic

… I don’t know if I will finish this. This took such a long time, it’s insane! I am not used to drawing in general, so even this simple looking thing took me hours!!! Omg… @_@

If I do finish, I will post the comic here as well as Tumblr. However… At the rate I am drawing… I dunno… ;;;



Give me strength 707, somebody, anybody… *Too dramatic.*

Anyways, here is a sneak peak~ This is panel 1! It’s a short, simple comic. Read from top to bottom, left to right~

Warning: Spoilers (Character Names + Basically occurs after Secret Endings)


***Spoilers Under The Cut!!!***


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I didn’t eat traditional Thanksgiving meal this year. I didn’t have Turkey. :O Maybe I should’ve ate something with Turkey meat. lolol :’D *COUGH*Sandwich*COUGH*

I did eat a slice of pumpkin pie and I got to say… it tastes horrible! I don’t remember pumpkin pie tasting this bad. I remember I liked it a lot and ate so much that I got sick of it a few years back. Maybe I don’t like it because of the brand or maybe because I am still sick of it… or my taste changed. I’m going to guess it’s because of the brand. :’D I STILL HAVE FAITH IN PUMPKIN PIES!

Aites… last but not least… I had fruit tart dessert. :O Tasted yum. +_+ b

What I did on Pepero Day (2017)…

I know it’s Pepero Day today. I was going to draw a little comic for Pepero Day… However, the Taiyaki mold arrived today. I ordered the mold on Amazon. I’ve been craving Taiyaki since early this year. The reason? Oh… I think you can guess based on the image above. :’D Yup! It’s, once again, Mystic Messenger’s fault. They tempted me. I am very obsessed with this game, I know.

I wanted to eat it so badly that I looked for the closest place that sold it near my workplace… It was too far to go buy some… ;;;

I also looked for it when I went on the Asia Trip… I bought some from Taiwan! I bought from 3 different stores in Taiwan. I actually… disliked the taste from there. ;;; Two out of three places made taiyaki with a terrible after taste. The 3rd place didn’t have such a strong after taste, so I liked it the best out of the three. Here is a picture of my favorite one.


Even though this is my favorite one… they served it cold! I was disappointed… These are meant to be eaten when hot! QQ The taste was pretty bland, too. The best part was there was little to no after taste.

I am pretty picky because I ate this snack since I was little. I liked a particular taste that I usually get from the “taiyaki” that was sold in front of the market by a cart vendor. That vendor is no longer selling this snack anymore. I miss it so much!

Anyways, lately I’ve been having some interest in cooking food over the stove even though I am lazy and don’t like cooking all that much. (I am starting to like it a little more though! :D) The idea of taiyaki popped up because I was browsing through a cook’s website. When I saw it, I was very tempted to make it! I still want some after all~ They even suggested to look on Amazon for the mold, which I did~ 😀

My mom was interested in making this snack for a while as well, so I asked her to join in. 😀

And… since she joined in… she made the red bean filling! 😀 It’s so delicious~ My dad and mom both made the custard filling! So we had 2 fillings to choose. Both are yummy! ^^

When we started making taiyaki with the first recipe, it failed terribly. It was salty. It didn’t have the same smell. It tasted bland… I hurriedly looked for a second recipe after.

In the 2nd recipe, by Eugenie Kitchen, it looked correct, so we tried it. The only issue we had with this recipe was the amount of baking powder it contains. My family don’t really like the after taste of baking powder. We are quite hesitant in using too much baking powder for baking. That’s why for this recipe, we modified it a little by using lesser baking powder. The result? The taiyaki didn’t rise properly! It was really dense! @_@

Then my mom proceeded with experimenting on different measurements and methods with making this. We did this for a few hours… ;;; It was still not considered a success. However, we both agreed that Eugenie’s recipe was great. It tasted exactly like how we remembered it to be! 😀 When we were making it, we could even smell the goodness! Mmm~

Here’s a picture of one of the better looking taiyaki we made.

We are still having trouble with not burning the taiyaki. ;;; We know it’s low heat. We know we need to flip the mold. I think the issue was we discussed about the ingredients/methods and chatted for too long that we forgot to flip it quickly. :’D We are still trying to get the hang of this!

Overall, it was fun. We plan to try to perfect this soon~ Hehe.

Happy Pepero Day~!

I am so ready! +_+ b

This is my first time eating Pepero. I’ve never gotten it in the past because I thought it was a ripoff of Pocky. I’ve also heard it’s not as good. However, this year I guess my taste changed a bit. I am willing to try certain new things. This happens to be one of them.

I did a little taste test before Pepero Day out of curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised they tasted good. In fact, I prefer Pepero’s chocolate filling version (nude) compared to Pejoy’s cookies and cream version. It was because Pepero was softer. The Pejoy’s cookie was so hard that I was afraid I will crack my teeth in each bite. (I still ate the whole thing because I like cookies and the flavor was my favorite. :’D)

This year is my first year participating in Pepero Day~ I am excited, hehe.