Corn Cream Chowder

I am on a cooking spree! I made this today.

Yes, I know I said it’s corn cream chowder. That’s because I used a corn chowder recipe. However, I changed it up a lot. I used ham instead of bacon. I added celery, mushroom, garlic, and butter. I lessened the onion, potatoes, and salt. I used one can cream-style corn and another can of regular corn. I basically changed it up based on memory of what I’ve eaten/seen and what I liked from other recipes, but I used this recipe as base.

It didn’t turn out how I would liked it to be. It didn’t look good, but it tasted great! ^^

Overall, I am happy with this! 


What I did on Pepero Day (2017)…

I know it’s Pepero Day today. I was going to draw a little comic for Pepero Day… However, the Taiyaki mold arrived today. I ordered the mold on Amazon. I’ve been craving Taiyaki since early this year. The reason? Oh… I think you can guess based on the image above. :’D Yup! It’s, once again, Mystic Messenger’s fault. They tempted me. I am very obsessed with this game, I know.

I wanted to eat it so badly that I looked for the closest place that sold it near my workplace… It was too far to go buy some… ;;;

I also looked for it when I went on the Asia Trip… I bought some from Taiwan! I bought from 3 different stores in Taiwan. I actually… disliked the taste from there. ;;; Two out of three places made taiyaki with a terrible after taste. The 3rd place didn’t have such a strong after taste, so I liked it the best out of the three. Here is a picture of my favorite one.


Even though this is my favorite one… they served it cold! I was disappointed… These are meant to be eaten when hot! QQ The taste was pretty bland, too. The best part was there was little to no after taste.

I am pretty picky because I ate this snack since I was little. I liked a particular taste that I usually get from the “taiyaki” that was sold in front of the market by a cart vendor. That vendor is no longer selling this snack anymore. I miss it so much!

Anyways, lately I’ve been having some interest in cooking food over the stove even though I am lazy and don’t like cooking all that much. (I am starting to like it a little more though! :D) The idea of taiyaki popped up because I was browsing through a cook’s website. When I saw it, I was very tempted to make it! I still want some after all~ They even suggested to look on Amazon for the mold, which I did~ 😀

My mom was interested in making this snack for a while as well, so I asked her to join in. 😀

And… since she joined in… she made the red bean filling! 😀 It’s so delicious~ My dad and mom both made the custard filling! So we had 2 fillings to choose. Both are yummy! ^^

When we started making taiyaki with the first recipe, it failed terribly. It was salty. It didn’t have the same smell. It tasted bland… I hurriedly looked for a second recipe after.

In the 2nd recipe, by Eugenie Kitchen, it looked correct, so we tried it. The only issue we had with this recipe was the amount of baking powder it contains. My family don’t really like the after taste of baking powder. We are quite hesitant in using too much baking powder for baking. That’s why for this recipe, we modified it a little by using lesser baking powder. The result? The taiyaki didn’t rise properly! It was really dense! @_@

Then my mom proceeded with experimenting on different measurements and methods with making this. We did this for a few hours… ;;; It was still not considered a success. However, we both agreed that Eugenie’s recipe was great. It tasted exactly like how we remembered it to be! 😀 When we were making it, we could even smell the goodness! Mmm~

Here’s a picture of one of the better looking taiyaki we made.

We are still having trouble with not burning the taiyaki. ;;; We know it’s low heat. We know we need to flip the mold. I think the issue was we discussed about the ingredients/methods and chatted for too long that we forgot to flip it quickly. :’D We are still trying to get the hang of this!

Overall, it was fun. We plan to try to perfect this soon~ Hehe.

Omuriceeeeeee! (& Grilled Cheese And Ham Sandwich!)

This was my late lunch. 😀

Huehue~ Story time!

I have been watching Top Chef on Hulu. They make cooking look so easy! I don’t really have the patience to cook food (read: I am lazy). I tend to eat out a lot. I’m usually blessed and someone else would cook delicious food for me. If I can’t afford to eat out and no one have time to cook for me, I can get pretty unhealthy and eat canned or pre-made frozen food. Well, guess what? Top Chef had episodes where they make those types of food LOOK good! @_@

I watched it enough that I got interested in making some hot food that isn’t done via microwave. That’s how they make those unhealthy food look good. :’D

Since I rarely cooked anything other than eggs… (imagine the food I eat that aren’t canned or frozen: hot dogs, different types of sandwiches, packaged noodles, porridge, oatmeal, etc.) well… I figured I should start with easy stuff first! I’m lazy after all.

I looked up how to make grilled cheese sandwich. Yes… I had to look this up. Yes… I don’t know how to make this. QQ I saw people make it in the dining halls in college. However, I never really wanted to order it because it felt expensive for a sandwich that only had bread, cheese, and butter. I craved it many times, but held back every time.

I found several YouTube videos and watched them for help. I got the gist of it and started to try it out. I mean, it looked simple enough!

When I put butter in the pan, I remembered hearing someone say “high heat.” That was what I did. 😀 Medium-high heat! 😀 😀 😀 I burnt my butter in a matter of seconds before the bread reached the pan! :’D I remember I was screaming! +_+ b Good stuff.

Then I lowered the heat and was lazy to switch out the butter~ I kept that sad burnt butter. Next, I placed bread and cheese over it. I kept lifting the bread up to see if it was cooked yet. I end up poking many holes into the bread since I used chopsticks. :’D

When the bread was brown, I took it off from the pan. Burnt butter incident aside, it seemed to be fine. I went to clean off the pan and repeat the whole process for my second slice of bread. Since the pan was now hotter than before, I left the bread longer than I should. THIS TIME I ended up burning the bread! :’D I ended up throwing out the burnt slice of bread and just eating half the sandwich. I made another sandwich immediately after and it looked so much better! I felt so sick of cheese the rest of the night.

The next day, I attempted to make it again. This time, I wanted ham in there.

I don’t know… I wanted to make a little more, so I made scrambled eggs and salad as well. 😀

I think I made edible grilled cheese sandwich on my second try onward since I didn’t need to throw out anymore bread after that incident. :’D It’s so good! I think it’s good because I just LOVE butter! I rarely use it even though I love the taste of it. : x The only time I used it was for my failed “garlic bread.” I think I also like the grilled cheese and ham sandwich because it reminded me of cafeteria food that I ate when I was younger. I sometimes miss school food because it just taste so different. Not to mention, I haven’t eaten this sandwich in such a long time… of course I would think it’s tasty! :’D

Anyways!! After that success (I considered it a success because I didn’t get a stomach ache yet), I went to see what other easy food I could make. I thought a bit about it and figured… I could try omelette! I saw how it’s done in the dining halls. It looked easy to make! I don’t usually eat this, but why not. :’D It’s not like Yoosung from Mystic Messenger influenced my choice. Nope. I didn’t learn this because I saw it in the game. NOPE! Okay, fine. Maybe the game affected my choice a little…. a lot.. AHEM.

I looked through several omelette videos on YouTube. I noticed no matter what the person in the video said about how tasty it was… it didn’t LOOK tasty to me. It actually reminded me of some of my failed eggs that I made in the past. I mean, I am not saying their omelettes aren’t tasty… Their omelettes just bring me bad memories and didn’t LOOK tasty to me. As one of season 1’s Top Chef competitor said, we eat with our eyes first. :’D (I can’t get the exact quote right now. : X)

I stumbled upon a video with a picture of a very beautiful… OMURICE. I wanted to make omelette like the ones we find in American dining. However… this omurice’s egg looked very beautiful. o__o It was evenly yellow throughout. This was exactly the type of omelette egg I wanted to see! Well, omelette or omurice, whatever. I want to learn this!

The video I saw was Maangchi’s Omurice video on YouTube. In the video description, there is a link to the full recipe on her website. Do note there are several differences between the video and the recipe on her website, so I prefer to use the video to learn.

Anyways… My experience on making this… I practiced making the egg yesterday. I was soooo smart, I dumped the whole bowl of egg into the small pan and made the egg thick. I had to shrink the fried rice portion with a smaller bowl. :’D I still couldn’t fold it nicely like in her video because the egg was still too small and thick. T_T Oh well, I learned! That’s why I practiced.

Today… I made the portion smaller! In her video, she gave an amount. I cut it in half. After I prepped for a very long time (because I’m so fast at cutting \o/), I was ready to cook. I had to repeatedly go back to my notes because I forgot the steps. I know it was very straightforward, but I wanted to make the first omurice close to how it was instructed, so I know how the omurice from her video tasted like.

After cooking the fried rice part, I found out the portion was still big. XD I took half of my cooked fried rice as one portion… so technically I made 1/4 portion of the one in her video.

For the egg, I used 1 egg instead of 2 eggs. I actually used a whole egg for the 1/4 portion. Next time I might want to try to use half an egg (1/4 portion) and see if it works even better. : O I don’t know, but I will see. I did notice the difference when I used lesser egg. It was tastier because it wasn’t too bulky on top.

When I finished cooking… PICTURE TIME! I hurried to take the picture at the top of this post. Then, I started eating it because I was so hungry. (I prepped so fast, you know.) I ate so much before I remembered I wanted to take a picture of the inside. :’D Roflmao.

Please excuse the messy plate. I was too hungry to care. I was supposed to wipe the plate clean first before this picture, but… ya… I forgot! I GOT TOO HUNGRY AND THIS WAS TOO YUMMY… I HAD TO HURRY SO I COULD EAT IT AGAIN… :’D

I forgot to mention, I swap out the smoked sausage for Chinese sausage. I didn’t have any smoked sausage… : X I also added ham~ Mmm~

The egg is not perfected yet. It’s still brown, as you can see. I’m thinking of experimenting a bit here and there to get that yellow and smooth egg. On the positive note, the fried rice tasted great. I admittedly put the wrong portion of ketchup. I forgot to cut the ketchup portion in half. XD It did tasted a bit too sour because of that… I learned! Otherwise, it’s so delicious~ 😀 The egg may not look good, but so far it still tasted okay. It’s edible, so it’s a pass! 😀

So this is my unnecessarily long story of how I got into cooking 2 new things I never made before. It’s all thanks to my obsession hobby of playing Mystic Messenger. Yup~ Yet another thing I did because of this obsession game. ^^

P.S. I decided to watch a cooking show because I played Mystic Messenger and I remembered a conversation they had about a cooking show. I know they were not referring to Top Chef. They were talking about Gordon Ramsay. :’D I just picked whatever was on Hulu and it happened to be Top Chef.