Mystic Messenger Halloween Event – #MM_Halloween

#MM_Halloween - 1#MM_Halloween - 2#MM_Halloween - bonus

Happy Halloween!!! 😀 (2018)

This is my last minute entry for #MM_Halloween. ;; Read left to right… usually… :’D (This one doesn’t matter actually.)

Saeran was convinced to dress up only because the costume was simple. +_+ b

For those who are confused on what happened in the comic: Saeyoung scared them by suddenly screaming out of no where. They are in a haunted house, so MC was already jumpy to begin with… :’D Poor MC. Also, the random haunted house staff didn’t even get a chance to scare them yet. +_+ b

This was pretty last minute drawing even though I thought of this a while ago. I kept pushing it back because I had other things to worry about. : ( At least I made it on time! 😀 (I didn’t get a chance to color the lines though… QQ)


Mystic Messenger Summer Event – #MM_swimwear

Meet the awesome maid Mary Vanderwood 3rd in a mermaid outfit~

Yup, this is for the #MM_swimwear event. Basically, we draw a picture of Mystic Messenger characters in swimsuit and post it on Tumblr or Twitter. There is a prize if you win. Details can be found on Tumblr and Twitter.

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Mystic Messenger – 2017 Christmas Comic

… I don’t know if I will finish this. This took such a long time, it’s insane! I am not used to drawing in general, so even this simple looking thing took me hours!!! Omg… @_@

If I do finish, I will post the comic here as well as Tumblr. However… At the rate I am drawing… I dunno… ;;;



Give me strength 707, somebody, anybody… *Too dramatic.*

Anyways, here is a sneak peak~ This is panel 1! It’s a short, simple comic. Read from top to bottom, left to right~

Warning: Spoilers (Character Names + Basically occurs after Secret Endings)


***Spoilers Under the Cut!!!***


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