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My goodness… This blog… I feel like it’s turning more into a diary the more I write. o_o ;;;

Sorry about this, but if it really turns into a diary then… Well… Then it happens, I guess. I did say it is kind of like a diary in my about page a few months back.

Mystic Messenger – Popularity Poll 2018

The results are out! A while ago, Cheritz asked us to vote for our favorite character. It was to celebrate the launch of Spanish service for this game. The results came out on 11/12/18 and…


3rd Place – Zen

2nd Place – Ray

1st Place – 707


I want to frame the picture up or something. Someone in the Tumblr comments mentioned that the 707 picture was newly edited. I thought I saw that picture somewhere before, so I did a search and couldn’t find it. I only found a slight smile version. His smile here is so adorable, dawww~ ❤ It looks like he wants to hold in his smile, but failed. :’D Ray is so adorable as well! AND ZEN! OMG ZEN! YOU MADE IT! I was legitimately shocked when I saw Zen place as 3rd. I thought it would be Jumin.

Before the results were announced, I thought that 707 might not keep his 1st place. I thought Ray would be 1st because of his route and there really are a lot of fans who like him. I also thought Jumin would be either 2nd or 3rd. Jumin did get popular enough to have a body pillow made the first time around. I didn’t expect Zen to top Jumin’s votes. I thought Zen’s body pillow was made because he probably ranked next highest after Jumin or it fit the theme or something.

Now I am reallllllly curious as to the actual stats for this popularity poll. I want to know how many votes each character got. :O Maybe they were a close tie, maybe they weren’t. I am sooooo curious! >_<

Mystic Messenger – Ending Achievement Progress Update

Okay, so I wanted to finish all of Yoosung’s endings before moving onto the next route. However… I accidentally deleted the save file that would help me get the Bad Relationship Ending 2. My current save file won’t work even if I ignored all the chatrooms from 2nd branch onward. (I already tried. 😦 ) It seems my participation was already too high. Oops. Since I already have enough of Yoosung’s route for now… I will have to leave it at 6/7 endings for Yoosung for now. :’D

Yup, the curse of 6/7 endings is back! It seems I keep getting stuck/giving up at 6/7 endings for each route, roflmao.

Now I am working on Jumin’s route. First stop is Bad Ending 1.

Mystic Messenger – Yoosung Bad Relationship Ending 1

I wasn’t aiming for this ending… I was going for Bad Ending 2… ;;;

I thought I passed the branch safely because I didn’t see the chatrooms for Bad Ending 1. Because of that, I used max speed to passthrough the chatroom. When I opened the visual novel, I started reading some of it and I really thought it was a visual novel I forgot about…

Until I saw…


***Spoilers Under the Cut!***


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