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My goodness… This blog… I feel like it’s turning more into a diary the more I write. o_o ;;;

Sorry about this, but if it really turns into a diary then… Well… Then it happens, I guess. I did say it is kind of like a diary in my about page a few months back.

RIP my voice and hearing… This cold is too stronk… (I thought it was flu, but apparently not.)


Meanwhile, thought through some things. I feel there is hope! I’m going to try my best in 2018 as well! =D I think I really will enjoy my holidays this year~ :3

Mystic Messenger Comic – Update

Back to drawing more of this!

I was suddenly given stressful news and I was not feeling emotionally well the past few days. The issue is now resolved and I have the mood to go back to drawing the comic.

However… I got a fever now. QAQ Slept until 5pm today. Now it’s 8pm… I was only awake for 3 hours…

I figured I will just draw anyways. Priorities lololol. I slept long enough and it’s already almost bed time again. QAQ

For part 2 of the comic, I will reuse a lot of material. I just don’t have the time or mood to be creative and draw things from scratch. I AM TOO BUSY THIS MONTH! T_T

Creativerse – Returned, But In a New World

I’ve returned to Creativerse since last month. In the new world, I rebuilt my old projects from other worlds.

So far, I have the underwater base and Merry Merry Factory rebuilt. I need to work on the Merry Merry Inn, but this month is a busy month… ;; I don’t think I will be able to build Merry Merry Inn in time for Christmas this year. At least I finished Merry Merry Factory for Christmas, so I am quite happy with that. 😀

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Mystic Messenger – 2017 Christmas Comic

… I don’t know if I will finish this. This took such a long time, it’s insane! I am not used to drawing in general, so even this simple looking thing took me hours!!! Omg… @_@

If I do finish, I will post the comic here as well as Tumblr. However… At the rate I am drawing… I dunno… ;;;



Give me strength 707, somebody, anybody… *Too dramatic.*

Anyways, here is a sneak peak~ This is panel 1! It’s a short, simple comic. Read from top to bottom, left to right~

Warning: Spoilers (Character Names + Basically occurs after Secret Endings)


***Spoilers Under The Cut!!!***


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Inktober 2017 – Day 10

Inktober Days (10 Total): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Plan | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10


Yayyyyy! Last Inktober drawing for 2017! XD Now that I am done I can finally focus on doodling for Christmas! PHEW!

I actually forgot what I went through while drawing this picture because it took me 2 separate days to finish. I drew her face and part of her hair on the first day. Then, a few days later, I redrew her face shape and continued drawing the rest of the picture.

I don’t remember if I have any difficulty drawing her eyes, but I know I struggled with her face shape. I just kept this shape before I butchered it more today.

Her hair… Oh boy… I went through so many CGs on the first day and a few more CGs today… Her hair just flies everywhere! It’s like it’s dancing in most CG or something… I don’t usually draw long hair that flies like this! In fact, I didn’t really do that for this drawing either. I just don’t really know how to draw that kind of hair… ;;; It’s also not the type of wavy hair that I was used to drawing. I tried my usual wavy hairstyle, but I found out that it didn’t seem right… so I had to redo it a bit.. I hope this is better. (This is random, but I noticed my hair is similar to her hair on her right (our left from our perspective). :’D I grew out my bangs because I got tired of them poking my eyes. :’D I might cut them soon…)

I’m actually pretty satisfied with this picture. I think that out of all 3 female characters I drew, this is the best female character that I drew for Inktober 2017. I’m quite surprised at the outcome, actually. I’ve been too unmotivated to draw since it’s no longer October, but this still came out not too bad.

FYI, I followed the prompt for this drawing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I didn’t eat traditional Thanksgiving meal this year. I didn’t have Turkey. :O Maybe I should’ve ate something with Turkey meat. lolol :’D *COUGH*Sandwich*COUGH*

I did eat a slice of pumpkin pie and I got to say… it tastes horrible! I don’t remember pumpkin pie tasting this bad. I remember I liked it a lot and ate so much that I got sick of it a few years back. Maybe I don’t like it because of the brand or maybe because I am still sick of it… or my taste changed. I’m going to guess it’s because of the brand. :’D I STILL HAVE FAITH IN PUMPKIN PIES!

Aites… last but not least… I had fruit tart dessert. :O Tasted yum. +_+ b