More 85°C Tea

I tried another flavor other than Jasmine today. It actually tastes pretty good. It reminds me of Tenju’s Mountain Green Tea sample. I feel like 85°C makes Mountain Green Tea better than their Jasmine Green Tea. I don’t mind the taste of Mountain Green Tea, but I crave Jasmine Green Tea more. @_@

After Exam Treats

Treating myself after taking the exam~ This is Raspberry Chocolate Mousse from 85°C! I bought it on my way to work.

I only recently found out there is a 85°C that is located on my way to the office. If I knew sooner, I would have stopped by more often! I’m so glad that they open their store early in the morning, too. I can buy tea instead of coffee now~

Instead of tea, I bought coffee today. They had a buy one get the 2nd half off until the end of this month. My co-workers told me their coffee is good. I didn’t get to try it until today because I’ve been studying. Coffee sometimes make me sleepy, so I didn’t dare try it during the weeks I was studying. Now it is almost March, so I must try it while the deal is still here! (I actually want tea today to go with the cake… : x Oh well…)
I tried both the coffee and cake. The coffee is actually to my liking! Mmm~ I didn’t need to add sugar because it was already sweet. I have a sweet tooth, so this means it is quite sweet.

The mousse was delicious! I really enjoyed it except for the raspberry part. This is just me though, because I don’t usually like raspberry anyway. It’s not bad~ I got this one because they didn’t have other types of chocolate mousse at the time~

I feel that the location is actually bad for me, now that I think about it. How do I resist the urge to shop there when it is so convenient. :’D

This insect is telling me to lower my caffeine intake. Thank you… I’ve been drinking a lot of tea to stay awake to study lately… I didn’t want to waste this tea that’s been sitting there, but the insect helped me out.

(It’s still alive by the way.)

I knew I saw something move around my room for the past day… I thought it was a spider or I was seeing things…

Tenju Tea House

I ordered Cream-Topped Green Tea (left) and Jasmine Green Tea (right). The Cream-Topped Green Tea is my favorite in this shop! There is a bit of sea salt in the cream to give it a bit of a salty taste. It is pretty unique to drink salty cream with refreshing green tea. They even give instructions on how to drink it and it does make a difference. They say that when you first drink it, take off the lid and drink from the cup. That’s how you can drink both the cream and the green tea at the same time. (I personally don’t recommend mixing the cream and tea with a straw to make the liquid murky, but it is up to personal taste.) It is their 2nd most popular drink! The first one is Monk’s Blend. (Monk’s Blend is a bit sour, if I remember correctly. I don’t really like it as much. Because I rarely order it, I forgot what was in the drink…)

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Ajisen Ramen

Temporarily ignoring the main dish, the drink I ordered is called Honey Aloe Green Tea. This is my go-to place for this drink because my favorite tea place for this drink closed down many years ago.

The ramen I ordered is called Ajisen Ramen. Yes, it is also their shop name. I want to call it their house special~ I don’t remember when was the last time I came here to eat this. I missed the soup.

When I first tried their Ajisen Ramen, I didn’t like it. I remember complaining to my sister that the noodles tasted like spaghetti… I don’t dislike spaghetti, but I wanted my ramen noodles to taste like ramen noodles.

Then around 2014, I started to appreciate the taste more. It no longer tasted like spaghetti. When I got over that, I started to crave for their special soup.

Now when I want ramen, I do consider coming to this shop if I want their soup. I still prefer the thicker noodles, but this isn’t bad at all.