Mystic Messenger – April DLC 3rd Ending (Normal Ending)

Getting this ending was impossible for me… QAQ … I finally caved in and looked up a guide to get this ending. I tried to get this ending for a month already and I felt bad about getting all these free hourglasses in the process. (It was a month minus the 2 weeks I went on vacation. I still tried for many days before I gave up, though!) It felt as if I was cheating by failing to get this ending and replaying it over and over. I think I replayed this enough times to get over 50? 80? free hourglasses or something like that? I am not too sure because Cheritz also gave compensation hourglasses for updating… so I lost count of how many hourglasses I got replaying this DLC… I am in no way trying to cheat on gaining hourglass, but the feeling of using the max speed button (because I had already memorized the conversations) + getting a positive amount of hourglasses after each play through made me feel bad… EVEN THOUGH I SHOULDN’T FEEL THIS WAY! @A@

I was consciously choosing certain choices and mixing up my pattern here and there. I think this was exactly why I never got this ending. My mind was fixed into thinking I should pick certain options that I end up not picking the right choices. >_> ;;;

Anyways, this was such a struggle… I still can’t believe I couldn’t get the ending by myself…
***Spoilers Under the Cut!***

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Mystic Messenger – HBC Rewards/Messages

…??? I never saw anything like this before the v1.7.4a update! I never got hourglasses from clicking on the Honey Buddha Chip bag! Is this new from this update?

And look! Here it is again! What are the chances if this was an old thing? I never got it before (for several months of continuous playing), so how am I getting it this many times now? o_o; Must be new… Hmm…

Mystic Messenger – Jumin’s Route Good Ending

I finished this route like what? A month ago? :’D I didn’t have time to write about it… =A= ;

Anyways, it’s been so long that I forgot what I wanted to say. : x

This post is more of random thoughts of things I encountered while playing through this route. It is not necessarily strictly related to Jumin’s Good Ending.


***Spoilers Under the Cut!***


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Mystic Messenger – Rosuuri’s Merchandise

This was the first charm I bought online. This store was the store that got me to start buying Mystic Messenger merchandise because of their book “Hourglass.” Ironically, I couldn’t buy that book because it sold out on the first day! QAQ There was a picture I really like inside the book, but it is actually a guest art by someone else. The book comes with a charm, but that is limited quantity as well. Since I couldn’t buy the book, I made do with the charms they sold.

This arrived later even though I ordered it first. This is because it was pre-order.

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Supposedly I was going to write a whole bunch of stuff during my trip. I thought I had more personal time here and there to write up some things…

Well, it turns out I did, but by the time I had that personal time to write, I was too tired to do so. It didn’t help that I don’t have a stable internet THROUGHOUT the trip. The only time I had a stable internet was… well… in my hotel during week 2. I’m only in my hotel during the night and in the morning… As I mentioned, by nighttime, I was exhausted. In the morning, I had to get ready for another round of exploration. 😛

OKAY, I admit I was just so lazy and tired and lost motivation after the first week of nonstop exploration of two locations. QAQ Hectic schedule with barely any breaks or personal time.

Anyways, in short, I didn’t have time to write anything… I do have a lot I want to write about, especially this trip. I’ll write it sometime in the future, if at all. It’ll also come in multiple posts because… too many events to write it all in one sitting. I don’t know when I’ll finish writing about this trip or if I will even write it… *Sigh…* Ya, I am a bit salty I didn’t get to write it during the trip.

There are also the old drafts from before. I think I’ll work on all of these drafts and new drafts in random order. It’ll depend on my mood and whatever I feel like writing that day, I guess?

Bye, chronological order…? QAQ …………………….

Messy blog… QAQ… Oh well… *Sigh…*

Oh right. Yes, I’m back from my trip! It’s so good to have stable internet again. :’D

April 5 Event

It’s finally April 5th! I mentioned before that there is something planned for this date. I’ll reveal it now that I am certain.

I’m going on a trip to Asia~! 😀 I’m writing this while sitting on the plane right now. :3 I finally have time to work on the old drafts I have for this blog~ ^^

Update: … No battery… I couldn’t get things done. QAQ