Mystic Messenger Comic – 2017 Christmas Eve Part 1

It’s almost Christmas Eve! Is everyone getting ready for the holidays? :3

Here is the “comic” I’ve been working on~ I hope this lighten up your day even more~ 😀

Update: All the parts are posted! [Part 2][Bonus]

About the comic:

  • Characters are from Mystic Messenger and belong to Cheritz. (There is English option at the bottom/top of their website, if you are curious~)
  • I created this fanart/fan-comic.
  • I had more time to draw it near the beginning. I pretty much ran out of time and had to cut corners… I hope it is still enjoyable!
  • Overused jokes incoming, but jokes are still jokes. 😛
  • Read from top to bottom, left to right~

Warning: Spoilers (Character Names + Basically occurs after Secret Endings)


***Spoilers Under the Cut!!!***


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Mystic Messenger Comic – Yet Another Progress Update

I FINISHED 8 PAGES AFTER CUTTING SO MANY CORNERS!! (Not like I’m not already cutting corners…)


The last 2 panels are actually “bonus” panels. ….. Although… they have my favorite joke out of the whole comic… ;;; Ehh… I guess in order to finish the last 2 panels, I need to cut even more corners… ;;; Welp. They ARE bonus panels, so… I TRIED… ;;; I really just want to get the joke out there. QQ

I’ll start posting… either on the 23rd or 24th… There are 2 parts to the comic + bonus part. The bonus will be posted on Christmas IF I EVER FINISH IT.

Update: Still Slow As Ever In Drawing

Realization hits…

8 days to go until Christmas and I am still missing 4 more panels of the comic. AHHHHH

Life is cruel. QAQ Why must there be this many obstacles preventing me from concentrating on this comic…? Whyyyyy~? *Overly dramatic.*

*Shamelessly uses more copy pasta parts in the comic… In fact, litters it everywhere in comic.*


Mystic Messenger – Ray Route Coming In January

Cheritz recently announced on Tumblr that Ray’s Route will be arriving in January 2018! I’m excited to hear the news! It’ll be nice to start the new year with a new route~ (Let’s hope it won’t be postponed like V’s route, but if it is postponed, then that’s fine, too. Patience is key~)

Since the announcement, the fandom had some speculations. They think that someone will die in the route and it’ll be either V or 707. I hope not, but there have been some very nice reads on why people think V or 707 will be the victim.


RIP my voice and hearing… This cold is too stronk… (I thought it was flu, but apparently not.)


Meanwhile, thought through some things. I feel there is hope! I’m going to try my best in 2018 as well! =D I think I really will enjoy my holidays this year~ :3


Mystic Messenger Comic – Update

Back to drawing more of this!

I was suddenly given stressful news and I was not feeling emotionally well the past few days. The issue is now resolved and I have the mood to go back to drawing the comic.

However… I got a fever now. QAQ Slept until 5pm today. Now it’s 8pm… I was only awake for 3 hours…

I figured I will just draw anyways. Priorities lololol. I slept long enough and it’s already almost bed time again. QAQ

For part 2 of the comic, I will reuse a lot of material. I just don’t have the time or mood to be creative and draw things from scratch. I AM TOO BUSY THIS MONTH! T_T


Mystic Messenger – 2017 Christmas Comic Update

I actually finished part 1! Wooooot! It’s faster than I thought because I reused some parts. I hope the comic makes sense. Now I just need to draw part 2 and part 3… That’s 6 panels total. QAQ
I got this…!