Ajisen Ramen

Temporarily ignoring the main dish, the drink I ordered is called Honey Aloe Green Tea. This is my go-to place for this drink because my favorite tea place for this drink closed down many years ago.

The ramen I ordered is called Ajisen Ramen. Yes, it is also their shop name. I want to call it their house special~ I don’t remember when was the last time I came here to eat this. I missed the soup.

When I first tried their Ajisen Ramen, I didn’t like it. I remember complaining to my sister that the noodles tasted like spaghetti… I don’t dislike spaghetti, but I wanted my ramen noodles to taste like ramen noodles.

Then around 2014, I started to appreciate the taste more. It no longer tasted like spaghetti. When I got over that, I started to crave for their special soup.

Now when I want ramen, I do consider coming to this shop if I want their soup. I still prefer┬áthe thicker noodles, but this isn’t bad at all.