April 5 Event

It’s finally April 5th! I mentioned before that there is something planned for this date. I’ll reveal it now that I am certain.

I’m going on a trip to Asia~! ­čśÇ I’m writing this while sitting on the plane right now. :3 I finally have time to work on the old drafts I have for this blog~ ^^

Update: … No battery… I couldn’t get things done. QAQ

Life Goals

I visited a furniture store called Superco during the weekend. This table… was so beautiful… I really like these types of furniture.  :’D This set was so expensive… Also, the set would be a waste in the place I live…

This should be a life goal or something. :’D One day I want to live in a house that can do this set justice. :’D When will that be?

After Exam Treats

Treating myself after taking the exam~ This is Raspberry Chocolate Mousse from 85┬░C! I bought it on my way to work.

I only recently found out there is a 85┬░C that is located on my way to the office. If I knew sooner, I would have stopped by more often! I’m so glad that they open their store early in the morning, too. I can buy tea instead of coffee now~

Instead of tea, I bought coffee today. They had a buy one get the 2nd half off until the end of this month. My co-workers told me their coffee is good. I didn’t get to try it until today because I’ve been studying. Coffee sometimes make me sleepy, so I didn’t dare try it during the weeks I was studying. Now it is almost March, so I must try it while the deal is still here! (I actually want tea today to go with the cake… : x Oh well…)
I tried both the coffee and cake. The coffee is actually to my liking! Mmm~ I didn’t need to add sugar because it was already sweet. I have a sweet tooth, so this means it is quite sweet.

The mousse was delicious! I really enjoyed it except for the raspberry part. This is just me though, because I don’t usually like raspberry anyway. It’s not bad~ I got this one because they didn’t have other types of chocolate mousse at the time~

I feel that the location is actually bad for me, now that I think about it. How do I resist the urge to shop there when it is so convenient. :’D

TGI Fridays

Wednesday special at TGI Fridays! This is my favorite place to get delicious ribs. I used to come here quite often, but now it’s been months since I ate here… (I probably ate here in September 2016?) The food hasn’t changed much in taste. It is still as tasty as ever~ :3

I ordered Baby Back Rib. It cost around $12? I forgot. This includes┬á2┬ásides. The sides I ordered were┬ábaked potato and seasoned fries. I usually ask that they make the meat tender. I don’t like it when it is too dark (burnt…) or crunchy. The little black container at the top right holds the bbq sauce~

I actually forgot to take a picture of this before I started eating… so please excuse that missing chunk from the baked potato. :’D I do this way too often, but food is best when eaten hot! Okay, ya, excuses. :’D