Mystic Messenger – Cheritz New Content Announcement – Fandom Speculation

I was expecting some DLC for a certain… 2 characters… because their birthday are coming soon…

Well, today, Cheritz revealed more future new content. The post can be seen here.

Under the cut are some speculations/opinions.


***Spoilers Under the Cut!***


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15 Seconds Doodle

I saw a request going around on Tumblr asking the artists to draw their favorite character in 15 seconds. Even though the ask is not for me, I figured I want to try it too because I am curious about how much I can draw in 15 seconds.

Well, I drew the picture up there and I got to say… I am surprised she got hair and arms. 😂😂😂 I draw so slow I thought she wouldn’t even have hair. 😂😂😂

I am so jelly of people who draw fast.

Mystic Messenger – 707 Route Again

Woah… I’ve played this route several times including the bad end and I don’t remember it having this many phone calls with 707. Admittedly, It had been a while since I played this route… If I remember correctly, the last time I played was back in February. I wasn’t as diligent with calling back then. Also, I kept missing chats. X_X This time I actually check often and make phone calls before and after chats… I end up finding 2-3 new phone calls! ^o^

I am getting the hang of this and I will probably go through the route several more times to get the other options in the phone call~ 😀

Mystic Messenger – More Random Thought!

This was already in-game and I didn’t even realize until I replayed the game.

They really like using the words “Drop the Beat.” :’D

I find it fun that they reuse content. I like finding DLC linking to things that was already talked about. It makes me feel that the things are connected (whether they are or not). It gives me the giggles. 😛 I also like it when I replay the game to find out that the DLC had mentioned something related to the actual game that I didn’t realize before. 😀 This is a good example~

Mystic Messenger – Casual Route Random Thoughts

It is really random!

I used the April Fool’s Button for a few days. It was funny at first, but I got tired of reading all the extra text that came with each line… ;;; Oops. I thought I would love to play the game to the end with April Fool’s button on at least once… I guess that wasn’t the case.

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