Elsword – Wedding Invitation Event

There was a gathering for Elsword KR. I am not too sure of the details. It was wedding themed, and I am pretty sure it cost to reserve a seat.

It was livestreamed on YouTube. There were English translation for the video… or at least partial translation.

During the event, they talked about upcoming updates. Aside from watching people eat, there was also fan arts on the monitor. They had a concert section, too. Lastly, they showed the anime, both episode 1 and 2.

Actually, the very last thing shown was… a hint for a 3rd class. Some people posted screenshots of the hints…

Here is a link to a Tumblr post that have the video of that reveal.

The 3rd class will arrive this winter (2017).

I have mixed feelings on this… I am just so used to the art for 2nd class… QAQ


Anime Expo 2017 – Day 1

***Just to get this post out ASAP, there are missing parts to this post. I will edit it later. ***


Update (11/4/17): I actually forgot what I was going to write… ;;; I forgot to update ASAP, sorry! I will just leave this as is along with any other unfinished posts. ;;;;;;;


Well, I arrived a bit before noon. I was stuck outside because the entry line was so long that it took 2 hours to get in. I only had 3 hours to explore AX… Plus I was tired. Ā T_T

I cosplayed as MC from Mystic Messenger. šŸ˜€ (I didn’t see anyone from Mystic Messenger though… QQ) I got tired of carrying, so I ate the prop (HBC and Dr. Pepper). :’D Heyyy~ I know it’s not really MC’s symbol. If someone told me that at AX, I’ll just say I took it from 707. +_+ b

I love to get freebies~ One of my quest at Anime Expo is to find booths that give out free stuff!

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First Mystic Messenger Merchandise Shipment

The first Mystic Messenger merchandise shipment arrived~ I bought a bunch of charms, and theseĀ happened to be the first ones I received. (It is not the first ones I ordered, though!)

The store I bought them from is called Weishipu. It’s an Etsy shop. They are currently selling Pokemon and Mystic Messenger merchandise.

The charmsĀ arrived safely from Germany on Wednesday~ ^_^ I was afraid the shipment might take some time, but it was extremely fast compared to my other orders! I was surprised!

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Elsword Songs

13 days and still listening to the song~ Admittedly, though, I don’t listen to it as much as day 1. (I get headaches when I listen to songs for too long nowadays… I’m not sure why. o_o ; … I don’t blast the music either. I guess it is because I grew sensitive to sounds. (Not like I wasn’t already before.))