Mystic Messenger Summer Event – #MM_swimwear

Meet the awesome maid Mary Vanderwood 3rd in a mermaid outfit~

Yup, this is for the #MM_swimwear event. Basically, we draw a picture of Mystic Messenger characters in swimsuit and post it on Tumblr or Twitter. There is a prize if you win. Details can be found on Tumblr and Twitter.

I didn’t originally planned to draw this. I wanted to draw an object instead because Cheritz said “it” qualifies too as long as it is from Mystic Messenger. However, I couldn’t think of anything to draw… I also wanted to draw Tom, but gave up on the idea.

I eventually thought maybe I should draw Mary Vanderwood 3rd. Then, this scenario popped up in my head. I guess it worked out.

This is the second time I drew like this. It came out better than I expected even though this was very last minute. I take a very long time to draw… I actually used more effort than expected to color this. I was very tempted to not shade, but the drawing itself came out better than expected, so I decided to try my best instead.

I was very stuck on what color I should give Saeyoung’s mermaid outfit. I couldn’t think of one, so I chose the tail color based on the new Mystic Messenger menu screen. Saeyoung is wearing green in that picture. For the mermaid tail, I mixed it with a little turquoise because solid color looked strange…

Saeran’s swimsuit is his old outfit’s pattern and color. I am not very creative for this picture… I am sorry about this!

MC is wearing a halter top swimsuit, but the angle doesn’t show it.

In this picture, MC is taking a photo from across the pool. Saeran just arrived while drinking a cup of water. He end up spitting it out from being surprised. See, if he ate ice cream, then he wouldn’t have spit water out. (He might choke though, RIP.)

While drawing Saeran, I actually wanted to give him a shirt. This is because this is Saeran from After Ending. I don’t know if he wants to show off his tattoo anymore. However, I got very lazy and just proceeded without the shirt. I figured the MCs out there would be glad, too. ^_~

Oh ya, for those who don’t understand Saeran’s reaction because Saeyoung is so cute here, imagine this: he just saw his brother who looks like him dress as a mermaid… and bonus points if you imagined non-chibi version. +_+ b

Overall, I am glad I participated in this event. ^_^ Now I have a new picture to use, hehe.

Updated with scales that I forgot to include before. Also gave the top some frills because it was a bit plain. +_+ b

My art program updated, so now the sensitivity is all weird… I am glad I finished this yesterday and only had minor fixes today. QwQ I hope I can change the sensitivity back to how it was before or else my drawings will change… and it will also take longer to finish. T_T


Mystic Messenger – 2017 Christmas Comic

… I don’t know if I will finish this. This took such a long time, it’s insane! I am not used to drawing in general, so even this simple looking thing took me hours!!! Omg… @_@

If I do finish, I will post the comic here as well as Tumblr. However… At the rate I am drawing… I dunno… ;;;



Give me strength 707, somebody, anybody… *Too dramatic.*

Anyways, here is a sneak peak~ This is panel 1! It’s a short, simple comic. Read from top to bottom, left to right~

Warning: Spoilers (Character Names + Basically occurs after Secret Endings)


***Spoilers Under the Cut!!!***


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