Inktober 2017 – Day 10

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Yayyyyy! Last Inktober drawing for 2017! XD Now that I am done I can finally focus on doodling for Christmas! PHEW!

I actually forgot what I went through while drawing this picture because it took me 2 separate days to finish. I drew her face and part of her hair on the first day. Then, a few days later, I redrew her face shape and continued drawing the rest of the picture.

I don’t remember if I have any difficulty drawing her eyes, but I know I struggled with her face shape. I just kept this shape before I butchered it more today.

Her hair… Oh boy… I went through so many CGs on the first day and a few more CGs today… Her hair just flies everywhere! It’s like it’s dancing in most CG or something… I don’t usually draw long hair that flies like this! In fact, I didn’t really do that for this drawing either. I just don’t really know how to draw that kind of hair… ;;; It’s also not the type of wavy hair that I was used to drawing. I tried my usual wavy hairstyle, but I found out that it didn’t seem right… so I had to redo it a bit.. I hope this is better. (This is random, but I noticed my hair is similar to her hair on her right (our left from our perspective). :’D I grew out my bangs because I got tired of them poking my eyes. :’D I might cut them soon…)

I’m actually pretty satisfied with this picture. I think that out of all 3 female characters I drew, this is the best female character that I drew for Inktober 2017. I’m quite surprised at the outcome, actually. I’ve been too unmotivated to draw since it’s no longer October, but this still came out not too bad.

FYI, I followed the prompt for this drawing.


Inktober 2017 – Day 9

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I finished this and I forgot to upload it! @_@

For reference, I used Day 8’s hairstyle. I just made lesser hair sticking upward so his hair looked neater.

For his outfit, I used the visual novel mode~ I skipped his flower. ;;; I don’t want to imagine how the flower will turn out with how blotchy my pen gets sometimes.

I had some difficulty drawing his eyes again. I thought I got the hang of it, but I guess not. ;;;

I followed the prompt again for this drawing.

Inktober 2017 – Day 8

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Alright, I finished drawing Saeran. I doubt I will finish Ray and Rika on time, so I will most likely finish drawing them in November. Ahhhh so close, too. XD

Originally, the prompt said Unknown. Rather than drawing Unknown, I wanted to try to draw Saeran. I prefer this style a bit more and I know I will pull my hair out trying to draw his tattoo. ;;; I guess I am giving myself a little break even though I still struggle just by drawing anything. XD

So… my comments on this drawing…

I looked through his CGs and found his eye shape to be similar to 707, so I drew it mostly from memory. I finished drawing the eyes faster than I thought.

I had trouble drawing his face. It was the similar issue with drawing 707’s face. I actually gave up correcting his face sooner than I did with 707’s face, and it came out ok. I was kind of shocked.

His hair… omg… I had a hard time picking a CG for his hair. Most of the CGs with the style I like were angled views. He’s not really facing the camera, so I couldn’t really copy (eyed) his hair like I did with 707. His hair changes a lot, just like 707’s. What I ended up doing was using his visual novel mode picture. That picture helped with certain major parts of his hair. For parts I couldn’t see, I used other CGs, including the group photo. When I finished drawing his hair, I realized his hair was a bit on the short side. I was going to fix it… but I was afraid of butchering and regretting it. It also didn’t help that he looked so cute with the expression, so I figured it’s ok. I only fixed one spot for this.

Oh, talk about his expression. Well… I messed up his mouth during tracing. He was adorable before the tracing. It looked like his eyes glowed. I almost put a bunch of sparkles around him. It was like he saw a mountain of ice cream. I wished that expression got transferred over during the tracing, but it didn’t completely…

His outfit… is flat. I know I messed up one of the easiest to draw outfits in Mystic Messenger and I should be ashamed… ;;; I especially messed up when I wasn’t sure where the cut was going to be. I kept adding and adding… but I forgot to put wrinkles and stuff on the shirt…. ;;;;;;; And what is proportion? :’D Oh right, it’s my archenemy.

Overall, this is another surprise piece. At the very beginning, I remember I was screaming internally because of the time it took to figure out his hair. I thought I would need to continue drawing the next day at the rate I was going. The experience took a quick turn and most of everything else wasn’t too bad. Considering my past experience, I was definitely expecting more struggles. :’D Pleasant surprise~ I had quite a bit of fun drawing him. His expression was a nice little bonus for me, especially because it wasn’t a planned expression.

I kind of want to give him candies and hugs. XD

Inktober 2017 – Day 7

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Alright! Easy way out! Bye.


I was very tempted to do this because of time constraint, but… I do want to learn how to draw my favorite character in Mystic Messenger. : x

This… took… SO LONG… I spent maybe 2x – 4x longer than some of the other ones… Though, I was partially multitasking near the end.

For the eyes, I noticed he have different eye shapes depending on the CG. I picked one (or merged? I mean I don’t even draw accurately) for his eyes. I kind of like to draw this shape a bit more than Jumin’s or V’s eyes. It has a slight hint of how I usually draw eyes, which is the part of the upper eyelid where it curves a bit down. I failed to draw the inner part of the eyelids. I liked that style with the little lash going on, but apparently I couldn’t draw it this time. :’D

It should be obvious which picture reference I used for the hair. I chose my favorite picture of him and tried to draw that hair… If it’s not obvious already, the picture I chose was him in visual novel mode. I only stuck to that one picture for his hair. The thing with choosing a different picture is… his hairstyle is a lot more different in the CGs. The artist who drew the visual novel mode seemed to stop drawing early on. I really only had that as reference besides his sideways view.

I really struggled with his hair. Even beginning with his bangs I was so confused. In order to understand how to draw his hair, I literally copied (eyed) his strands of hair and pretty much draw that on the paper. (I actually did this with most of the drawings before this anyway.) I kept doing this and trying not to deviate too much… AND THEN I GAVE UP. :’D Well, I got most of it anyway. After I finished drawing his hair, I realized… I didn’t learn much about how his hair worked… ;;; I can kind of see why most of the 707 don’t follow this template. Next time I draw 707, I might just use the newer version. Just based off of how the fans draw him, I can kind of see certain parts of his hair that should be drawn… There’s a little pattern going on. The pattern isn’t too noticeable in the visual novel mode version.

Now let’s talk about… his glasses! Ah… glasses… Thank goodness it is canon that he has like 3 pairs of glasses, lol. For the chibi, I drew the diagonal ones. I used to dislike that version of his glasses because I thought it was lazy. I kind of grew to like them as time went on. I even thought they were the original pair when I drew the mini 707. :’D My memory sucks! Well, when I drew the 2nd picture, I went for the original pair of glasses. I found it odd for some reason… ;;; So I went to the diagonal version…. then nope’d again. @_@ ;; I went back to original version and there you have it. (I think part of the problem is I didn’t shade in the grey area of the glasses, so it looks like a bunch of thin lines.) As for the glasses shape, I drew my favorite shape. :’D YUPPPP! It’s all in visual novel mode version!!! There is a reason why the visual novel mode version of 707 is my favorite. O: )

Face shape… I can’t get that right. @_@ Before I finished drawing the hair, I drew the face. It looked very odd. I kind of messed up tracing the face, too. QQ I got over the initial shock, so now I can’t tell what’s wrong. :’D …

I never really realized how bulky his hoodie is (or even if I did, I brushed it off). His hood is so huge and I’m actually a bit jealous about that. I want huge hood for my hoodies, too. ._. Mine are so ugly because they lay flat on my head. QAQ Anyways, because his hoodie was so bulky, when I tried to draw the shoulder and circle pattern… it looked weird. That’s why this time the cut is like this~

THIS TOOK WAY TOO LONG, BUT… 😀 Hue hue, bias. I can’t help it. :3 Fav is fav!

Since I didn’t get much out of his hair from this drawing…… I think for the next 2 pictures, I need to relearn the style. =A= Unknown and Ray have the same hairstyle as 707, but I’m pretty sure they never had their hair drawn this way in any picture… ;;;

Actually… I’m thinking of drawing Saeran instead of Unknown for Day 8’s picture… Hmm… I guess I’ll deviate from the prompt just slightly~

Inktober 2017 – Day 6

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Okie… I am cutting it close. I am not sure if I’ll finish the rest on time, but… I am still trying! I will prioritize the Elsword Halloween event over this though… (I need my free pet. :’D)

Anyways, here is V for Day 6 of the prompt. Not surprisingly, the hair and face was difficult to draw. I noticed for V’s hair, it is neat on one side and the other side is a bit wild… but still neat… but messy… I’m like… HOW?! @_@ Oh boy… ;;; It really threw me off and at some point I was like, this has to do. I used several CG to help me with his hair, but then I think half way through I gave up and did whatever I could. Most CGs don’t show his right side of the hair too well… Or if it did, it was a different style from the initial one.

I spent lesser time on the eyes than usual. I was surprised. Are these the best eyes I drew? Nope. But still, I was kind of thrilled that I moved on from the eyes quicker than usual. 😀

The face… Ahh… I was so confused on his face. I don’t know what I should do about face length or how to draw his nose. QAQ Yikes. I’m not satisfied with the face because I think I made him a bit too skinny than I wanted to. The nose and face’s flaws showed up more after I traced with a pen.

Ears… Let’s not talk about that. :’D

Overall… I think it could be worse. I expected a worse experience drawing V. I definitely had a hard time, but it wasn’t bad. 😀 I’m quite surprised!!

After that hair incident… I’m kind of worried about the next 3 drawings… ;;;

Inktober 2017 – Day 5

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I actually finished the digital art for Halloween yesterday!!! 😀 After getting that out of the way, AND another fanart, I finally have the mood to go back to Inktober.

Part of the issue is that it is a bit harder to multitask this compared to the digital art I was drawing. @_@ (I mean, the coloring part made it possible to multitask and this doesn’t have a “coloring part.”)

Anyways, I’m feeling a bit productive lately~ 😀 Got quite a few things done… Hopefully I can finish the next 5 picture before the month ends!

IN THE CASE THAT I FAIL TO DO SO… I will go into November to make up the drawings. QQ

Ahhh… Back on topic. Drawing Jumin Han is… difficult. I kind of expected this already based on his hair style and how everyone else draws him. I find that people struggle to draw him and I can really see why… ;;;

Now actually trying to draw him… let’s just say I wanted to cry before I even finish drawing his face. I don’t know why I can’t get used to this type of eye shape. The other characters have this eye shape as well and for some reason it takes me ages to get it right… When I finished the eyes, I was quite happy because the difficult part was over… or so I thought. Then I got soooooo confused with his face shape. It’s still not right in this final image because I drew him slightly more chubby than the CGs show, but this is actually the best shape… ;;; If I try anymore, I’m scared the paper might tear. I also had an issue with deciding how long his face should be… I don’t remember this as a problem for the other characters… WHY IS THIS AN ISSUE NOW? QwQ I was legitimately confused on how to even go on after finishing the eyes.

Thank goodness I eventually gave up and accepted the face shape and length. The rest were easier… I had practice with this type of hairstyle because of Yoosung and Zen. I’ve pretty much never drawn short hair spiking out until this year. (I never really draw guys… o_o My excuse was I prefer to draw dresses. :’D The more frills and bows, the better!) I pretty much don’t draw things in too much detail, so this simplified version of Jumin’s hairstyle isn’t too difficult. (Oh… talk about spiky hair… RIP when I get to 707 and Unknown….)

Jumin’s clothes is even easier… 😀 I made sure to give him stripes! +_+ b

As usual, I used references for this. I actually had to check several different CG just for the face alone. Even so, I was still so confused on his face shape/length. :’D I only used one CG for his hair… then another CG for his outfit.

The eyelids for once didn’t merge oddly with the eyelashes this time. My pen decided to be more obedient today and stopped trolling. Favoritism from the pen, I see… >_>

It’s a bit sad I noticed this late, but… I was fixing the wrong eye that whole time. D: After tracing, I can see which one really needed to be fixed…. QQ Or maybe I messed up during the tracing… If so, then GG… My tracing skills… TAT

ANDDDDDD, last but not least… Happy Extremely Belated Birthday, Jumin! The prompt have him as Day 5 to celebrate his birthday, but… well… I didn’t finish this in time for his birthday. @_@



My Plans About Inktober 2017

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Okie… So I did want to draw for most days, but… I found out I have even more things I should finish ASAP. @_@

I noticed that as I drew each piece, I spent more and more time drawing them for Inktober. It was mainly because I had to learn their features (i.e. eye shape, proportion, hair style)… Most of it was new to me, so I struggled quite a bit drawing each character. Honestly, this part was expected. What was unexpected was I actually wanted to draw profiles for Inktober. :’D I originally planned to draw chibis or something. XD

I think I might just draw most of the main cast and that’s it. It’s because I kind of want to learn how to draw their hair and eyes.

My concern is if I spend too much time on this, I can’t finish other stuff I had planned. I want to work on other digital drawings, too, before Halloween arrives. : x (Omg… It’s already the 6th… QQ)

Drawing takes such a long time. I mean… just these Inktober drawings averaged about 2 hours a day already. O_O ;;;

I … I guess I have maybe 2 drawings I wanted to finish before the 31st? I don’t know yet~ I already started one in September, but I lost motivation to draw it. :’D I should return to that one ASAP. It’s actually a simple doodle, but knowing me, it will still take hours to finish! Most of the chibi doodles I finished digitally took around 2-8 hours…? :<

ANYWAYS! I plan to draw up to… PROBABLY #10 of mm-24707’s prompt. Right now I finished 4, so the remaining 6 will be spread throughout October! ^^

I’ll (hopefully) no longer make posts about skipped days. I will just upload whenever I finish the drawing. 😀