I Cannot Be Saved Anymore (Mystic Messenger)

Seriously, I was supposed to stop playing this game like… after 11 days when I finish Zen’s route or after 22 days after I finish Zen’s and 707’s routes… (and of course that includes buying hourglass to unlock 707’s route if I were to finish playing in 22 days).

… Today is day 40 and I’m still playing this game! :’D ………………

Not only that… I’ve…. I’ve bought things related to the game… ^_^;;; Ya… When and how did I become so addicted to this game… (I really adore the characters… Maybe that’s why? They are very amusing. :3) (Alright… There are some other elements that made me attached to this game. I don’t know if I want to talk about those parts (yet/ever), but it helped make me feel connected in a way… I guess it’s… a type of motivation? o_o? Or support, even? :’D OR a reminder!! \o/ Ya, I’m very vague right now, because it’s a secret for now or forever~ I guess I can reveal that it is quite similar to why I bought Kizuna Smart Doll and Jen Bratz Doll. :3 ~)

Now I am waiting for the items to be shipped to me before I reveal what I bought. :X Then everyone will know just how (very) addicted I am. :’D NO REGRETS BUYING THEM, THOUGH!!!

I seriously became so addicted that I can’t be saved from this game anymore. Don’t bother to send help anymore. Send Mystic Messenger merchandise instead.  O: ) :’D


Unrelated Side Note: … My categories and tags are a mess. I will figure out one day how I want to tag and categorize things… But for now, this will have to do… ^_^;;;


Updated: So… I found this before the shipment came…


Discovery By Jen

(For clarity in this post: Jen = my friend; Jade = Bratz doll.)

When I first got this Bratz doll, I was disappointed that I couldn’t bend her knees. I didn’t know much about dolls and BJD at the time and just bought Jade because she looked cute. I told my friend Jen that it would be great if I could sit this doll at the edge of the table with her knees bent.

Today, Jen told me Bratz dolls can bend their knees. I was confused and asked if she meant the knew ones she bought that showed their joints. She then told me the old ones could bend, too!

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Kizuna (Unboxing)

She’s here!!!!!! 😀 I’ve been looking her up for over a week and finally decided to get her on Thursday. She just arrived yesterday night! @_@ The wait is real when I really want something.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I bought a Smart Doll by Danny Choo (Culture Japan). The particular one I bought is called Kizuna Yumeno. Continue reading