Accessories and Kizuna pt 2

So today I went to different stores and came across some necklaces.

This is a necklace I found at Daiso. I think this might match a fancy dress. The necklace length is for humans, so I had to loop twice to shorten the necklace.

This necklace came as 2 pieces. I bought them at Michael’s art supply store. I bought something else at Michael’s, but that will be a surprise for next time when I finish making it~

I bought this necklace for Kizuna, but I had to try it on Jen. I think the style matches, but the length is way too long.

Alright, yesterday I forgot to do these things. Here is part 2, adding onto the first Kizuna post.

I opened Kizuna’s head to see the inside…

… and end up finding her birthday!!! I’m not too sure what that date means, but I will just assume it is when she was made or when she depart to the retailer… I will just call that her birthday for this specific Kizuna. (Kizuna’s birthday is actually 11/1, according to her profile here).

When I am ready to put her head cap back in place…

I wanted to cry because it just won’t close. T^T This struggle lasted a while… and I finally put her head together.

I realize that I forgot to take pictures of her back, so I am doing that today.

Here is her hair…

The hair makes me cry everytime… It gets messier and messier, but I don’t know what to do to fix it…

Here is a picture of the telescopic stand at work.

It is truly amazing. It didn’t sound like anything fancy at first, but the moment I use it, I know I will depend on it in the future.

ALRIGHT! I think I showed most of what I wanted to show~

Now Kizuna can relax with imaginary water after standing and posing the whole day.


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