Discovery By Jen

(For clarity in this post: Jen = my friend; Jade = Bratz doll.)

When I first got this Bratz doll, I was disappointed that I couldn’t bend her knees. I didn’t know much about dolls and BJD at the time and just bought Jade because she looked cute. I told my friend Jen that it would be great if I could sit this doll at the edge of the table with her knees bent.

Today, Jen told me Bratz dolls can bend their knees. I was confused and asked if she meant the knew ones she bought that showed their joints. She then told me the old ones could bend, too!

These are bent knees.

These are unbent knees.

I know it isn’t much, but it came as a surprise. I always wondered why the material for the legs felt different than her other parts, like her body. It makes sense now. It does feel more flexible for the legs while the body and head are stiff.


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