Kizuna (Unboxing)

She’s here!!!!!! 😀 I’ve been looking her up for over a week and finally decided to get her on Thursday. She just arrived yesterday night! @_@ The wait is real when I really want something.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I bought a Smart Doll by Danny Choo (Culture Japan). The particular one I bought is called Kizuna Yumeno.

I bought from their official retailer Fabric Friends & Dolls rather than from the original Japan store. This retailer charges more than if I bought directly from Japan. However, I wanted this specific hairstyle and jeans. The official store no longer sell these pieces as a default set. They now sell the brown corduroy pants and a shorter wavy hair with no braids. They swap the hair because the shorter wavy hair with no braids is easier to manage, and I think it is true… I really have trouble with the legacy hair (long, wavy, braided blonde hair) already and it hasn’t been long since she arrived. Anyways, back to talking about this retailer. This retailer is wonderful. The person I contacted was Iris. I sent a late night e-mail and I was surprised she replied in under an hour! I expected a reply the next day because the physical store was already closed and my e-mail was lengthy. She kept me updated with the whole process everyday until she shipped my doll and I am thankful for the good customer service. 🙂 I will buy from her again, but because of the price, I will only buy items that are already out of stock from the Japan store (which I do see a few) or if I want the items as soon as possible.

Because I bought from a retailer instead of the Culture Japan website, I didn’t expect to see the same packaging. Not only that, the retailer even double boxed it!

The top box is the box Culture Japan use. The bottom box was used by the retailer to protect the inner box from all the messy sticker and labels. I can see the outer (bottom) box was pretty damaged through the shipping process, but the inside was well protected.

Unboxing was pretty funny. The reason I say that is because… this is what I see after opening that box.

Bubble wrap! The bubble wrap is wrapping…

A bag! Inside the bag is…

Kizuna and another box!

I really love their packaging. They (both Fabric Friends & Dolls and Danny Choo  ( Culture Japan)) really try to make sure the items arrive undamaged.

The back of the bag is a picture of Mirai.

Inside the smaller box is Kizuna’s clothes and wig.

The stick here is called the telescopic stand. It helps her stand more firmly.

These are leather shoes designed by Danny’s father, who is a professional shoemaker. It is a tight fit for the Smart Doll to prevent slipping.

The quality is amazing! @_@

Here is Kizuna! I am not uploading photos of her nude because she is shy. 😛

I struggled with putting her clothes on for a long, long time (everything was a tight fit!). @_@;;;

There she is! All properly dressed and ready for the camera~ The jeans have real pockets.

Here are close up photos.

Here is a close up picture to see her face up while she have her hair.

Her eyes are made out of acrylic. The eyes shine and it is hard to capture that shine in photos. Now I know why some photos I saw online made it look like her eyes were painted on.

I don’t know what to do with her hair… I’m not good with styling, so if the hair gets undone… @_@!

I also took Danny’s advice to use a toothbrush to brush her hair, but that end up making her hair stick up more… :<

It is pretty hard to make her sit with her jeans on… I left her leaning back at 135° to not break anything.

Here she is sitting with Jen. Jen has a new friend now!

Overall, I am very pleased with the doll. She does seem sturdy so far. I was fighting to put clothes on and nothing broke yet, so all is good. I like the help of the telescopic stand for stability. Her hair turned out to be very pretty in design. The eyes are mesmerizing. The clothes are definitely very beautiful. Do note that the clothes don’t have velcro. It was designed to be like human clothes. The shoes are so pretty, too. These things don’t feel cheap. Since these feel durable, I hope to bring Kizuna outside one day~! ^_^


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