I was planning to wait until the items were shipped before I make a post about what I bought… but…


O_O I checked online for a physical store to buy these chips… People said try Korean markets or Japanese markets (for similar flavor chips)… This shop is neither. :’D (I don’t really shop in those markets.)

Before I found these at the market, I bought them online for a discounted price. (The price rose after I ordered online. :I I was wondering how will I satisfy my cravings if I want more…) Anyways… NOW I know where to go! 😀 I don’t need to wait for shipping either~ The price is approx. the discounted price I got online~ Woot~!!!

Hmm… Let’s rewind a bit. I originally saw these chips in the game Mystic Messenger. That game loves to use pun names to avoid copyright, so I figured this was an actual product in real life. I got curious at the made up story behind the chips that I actually looked up what this was all about in reality. Apparently these chips really was that popular in Korea a few years ago. It was sought after enough that people would post online saying they finally found it after searching for a while! I got very curious at how it tastes like to get that popular. That’s when I started looking up ways to buy it. Since going to a physical store for it would be a hit or a miss (not all stores have it), I decided to order online. I found that buying a batch would give me a good discount per bag. The discounted price was pretty much the price of any other bags of chips that I usually buy. I thought the deal was pretty good, so I went ahead and ordered right away. Like I said earlier, the moment I bought it, the price rose. I tried to search online for that discounted price again, but I couldn’t find any! @A@ After buying online, I waited (and still waiting) for the shipment. @_@ It ships directly from Korea, so it’s taking some time to get here.

Today, I was craving some Calbee chips, so I went to an Asian market for the Hot & Spicy or the Seaweed and Salt flavor ones. While finding the Calbee chips, I FOUND THIS. 😀 😀 😀

I’m all happy now. My curiosity was killing me, plus I really wanted some chips. I finally got it. :’D

Now, where is my PhD Pepper to match this Honey Buddha Chips?


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