DeerSen’s Mystic Messenger Plushies

I ordered this from DeerSen’s Tictail shop last summer and it finally arrived!!

(DeerSen’s Shop moved from Tictail to Etsy and BigCartel, by the way.)

DeerSen just put up final restock. Get it while there is any left!


Smart Dolls – Kizuna + Mirai + Wedding Dresses

This was on sale recently, so I bought a dress for each of them.

The dress was a tight fit and I was scared whether they would fit or not.

I realized that the dress were sewn slightly different even though they were both the same “style.” For instance, I like the folds on the chiffon for Kizuna’s dress. It also have something similar to a rose or flower in the front of the dress (chiffon part of it). However, Mirai’s chiffon fold is not as consistent and the “flower” seems like a mess… QQ What I do like about Mirai’s dress is the top part of it. It has a better sweetheart neckline. Kizuna’s dress was strangely roomy at the top. QQ

Overall, I was a bit disappointed on how it turned out. I find it strange to look at when they wear the dress because their skinniness popped up even more and their necks seem long… etc… @_@ I am not used to seeing them like this.

However, I am still letting them wear it to get the money’s worth, hehe.

*Note: They are not marrying each other. >:O

I Cannot Be Saved Anymore (Mystic Messenger)

Seriously, I was supposed to stop playing this game like… after 11 days when I finish Zen’s route or after 22 days after I finish Zen’s and 707’s routes… (and of course that includes buying hourglass to unlock 707’s route if I were to finish playing in 22 days).

… Today is day 40 and I’m still playing this game! :’D ………………

Not only that… I’ve…. I’ve bought things related to the game… ^_^;;; Ya… When and how did I become so addicted to this game… (I really adore the characters… Maybe that’s why? They are very amusing. :3) (Alright… There are some other elements that made me attached to this game. I don’t know if I want to talk about those parts (yet/ever), but it helped make me feel connected in a way… I guess it’s… a type of motivation? o_o? Or support, even? :’D OR a reminder!! \o/ Ya, I’m very vague right now, because it’s a secret for now or forever~ I guess I can reveal that it is quite similar to why I bought Kizuna Smart Doll and Jen Bratz Doll. :3 ~)

Now I am waiting for the items to be shipped to me before I reveal what I bought. :X Then everyone will know just how (very) addicted I am. :’D NO REGRETS BUYING THEM, THOUGH!!!

I seriously became so addicted that I can’t be saved from this game anymore. Don’t bother to send help anymore. Send Mystic Messenger merchandise instead.  O: ) :’D


Unrelated Side Note: … My categories and tags are a mess. I will figure out one day how I want to tag and categorize things… But for now, this will have to do… ^_^;;;


Updated: So… I found this before the shipment came…

Another Kizuna’s Kimono Post

Ya, another Kizuna post… I am so indecisive… I am having second thoughts on the other kimono now… The other one is a bit dull in color, but it isn’t black… It’s just… navy blue and brown… Maybe I can let her wear it during Lunar New Year? Hmm…

……. And I just looked up when that is… WOW… Lunar New Year is on the 28th of this month?? I thought it was in February… X_X;;;