Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year~

Ahhhh! >_< Too busy lately… I didn’t even have time to post this. I had planned to post pictures of Kizuna in a kimono for this day, too. @_@;;;


I don’t have time to dress Kizuna up, yet. The old pictures will have to do!


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The Tiramisu Cake Hunt

I wanted Tiramisu cake so badly that I ended up with Tiramisu from 3 different bakeries… :’D ……………………. Ya, I went overboard this time, but my fatty conscious says, “Get more, get more! It’s not enough!” QQ

Each bakery have their own way to make Tiramisu. These 3 Tiramisu do not taste the same! You can even tell by the looks that they probably don’t taste the same.

What I like to do with Tiramisu is compare them and decide which one is my favorite. This helps me know where I should get my dessert if I ever crave for more~

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Another Kizuna’s Kimono Post

Ya, another Kizuna post… I am so indecisive… I am having second thoughts on the other kimono now… The other one is a bit dull in color, but it isn’t black… It’s just… navy blue and brown… Maybe I can let her wear it during Lunar New Year? Hmm…

……. And I just looked up when that is… WOW… Lunar New Year is on the 28th of this month?? I thought it was in February… X_X;;;