For the time being… COPY PASTA! I’ll update this another time~

Alright~ I’m returning to the blog world! This is my new hobby blog~ :3

This time I started up a new blog because of an interest I had when I was younger. Back then I saw pictures of beautiful dolls and really envied the people who could afford such an expensive hobby. I could not afford it at all, but I didn’t do anything to make that hobby happen either.

Because I “knew” it wouldn’t happen and that it was all “just” a dream, I gave up on that hobby soon after.

The past few years I was feeling a bit depressed and started to lose interest in my existing hobbies until it narrowed down to 1 hobby… I panicked because I felt a bit lost in what I want to do in life… (Of course, I am talking about what I want to do to enjoy life.)

Then it hit me. A few days ago, I read a certain person’s post and reflected on my situation… I’ve been sad for way too long. I’m going to change that, slowly. Taking baby steps, I’ll pick up new hobbies and try the old ones again. Of course, I am working on solving issues that are causing my sadness as well.

Though I rambled a lot about my depression, this blog will focus on the fun stuff. Here goes! ^_^

This is a hobby blog, but I’ll also post other random things! I guess it is kind of my diary~