Mystic Messenger – OST

I finally got around to listening to the Original Sound Track that I bought a few months ago… (It was included in the VIP Package. I wrote about that package in this post…)

It was my first time listening to the ending song in English. :’D I am sooooo not used to it!! I don’t usually listen to the ending song, but I guess the OST got me to listen to it more often. It’s a beautiful song. (It used to make me sad that’s why I don’t listen to it. T_T)

A thing about listening to the OST is… well… I still play Mystic Messenger. :’D And… I turn on the game in the same room that the OST plays…

There were a few times when I was playing Mystic Messenger and I heard “Mysterious Clues.” I started getting all confused because my brain remembered it as Unknown’s theme, but he wasn’t on the screen. :’D (It’s actually played during other scenes, too.)

There was also the other times when “Geniously Hacked Bebop” started playing. (This BGM is louder and more upbeat than the other ones, so it stands out.) I thought I had my game open. Then, I realized it was the OST. :’D I was all like, “OH! 707 chatroom! Wait…” (Yes, I am guilty of multitasking and leaving my chatrooms on for long periods of time if I “forgot” to go back to the chatroom… ^^;; I’ve been multitasking too much lately.)



Mystic Messenger OP Song

In January, I said that I was listening to Elsword: Lady of El OP/ED. Well, I thought it would last longer, but I started to have a new addiction: Mystic Messenger. It’s obvious I started to have this new addiction because the blog is full of posts on it…

I started to listen to the Mystic Messenger OP Song, “Mysterious Messenger,” probably after I finished 707’s Good Ending. I don’t quite remember. I am pretty sure I didn’t bother with the song during Zen’s route because I just wanted to finish the game or something… Until I reached the end of Zen’s route and I needed more of this game. :’D

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Elsword Songs

13 days and still listening to the song~ Admittedly, though, I don’t listen to it as much as day 1. (I get headaches when I listen to songs for too long nowadays… I’m not sure why. o_o ; … I don’t blast the music either. I guess it is because I grew sensitive to sounds. (Not like I wasn’t already before.))

Elsword: Lady of El OP/ED

Hmm… I haven’t watched anime in a while… I haven’t listened to anime songs in a while as well… So I decided to listen to these two songs from the Elsword anime~ They are called “Runner’s High” (opening song) and “Reunited with Hope” (ending song). First song I don’t know the singer’s name. The second one is by 은토 (Eunto). 😀 By the way, Elsword Korea (KR) website posted the YouTube link for the songs. I reused those links, so it should be fine to listen to them on YouTube! :O

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