First Mystic Messenger Merchandise Shipment

The first Mystic Messenger merchandise shipment arrived~ I bought a bunch of charms, and theseĀ happened to be the first ones I received. (It is not the first ones I ordered, though!)

The store I bought them from is called Weishipu. It’s an Etsy shop. They are currently selling Pokemon and Mystic Messenger merchandise.

The charmsĀ arrived safely from Germany on Wednesday~ ^_^ I was afraid the shipment might take some time, but it was extremely fast compared to my other orders! I was surprised!

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Pokemon GO

After a long hiatus, I managed to find time to play this game. The goal today was to go to an outlet that was closing down and buy a bunch of clothes on sale. However, we decided to play pokemon because we were on the way. We ended up taking several gyms (I took 5).

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