Hungry Hearts Diner (Continued)

I found out there isn’t much to do after beating the game. I unlocked the Shinto Altar soon after I wrote the other post. I forgot which came first: reaching level 30 or getting the Shinto Altar. Regardless, when I reached level 30, it stopped leveling up. I was a bit disappointed because leveling up gave free stamina. I ended up slowing down on playing the game. Right now I am occasionally logging on to max out recipes.

I’m so bad, I’m making grandma work for so long. D: Hey, but at least I made grandma rich. She currently have 600k+ gold after all those upgrades. +_+ b Her husband be proud!


Hungry Hearts Diner

Happy new year! The first new mobile game I played in 2018 is Hungry Hearts Diner. It has pretty high rating. It’s at 4.9/5.0 when I downloaded this game. Do check it out!

A friend recommended this game. It’s surprisingly an addicting restaurant game. In addition to the regular controls for a restaurant game, the game have mini stories. Each customer bring with them a story of their own. Through the conversations, we can learn life lessons. It really is a cozy and fun game.

It’s a short game. I finished all the stories at level 20, which was only a few hours after downloading it.

I got all the recipes and received this picture at level 23. I still need the Shinto Altar before I am done unlocking everything in this game.