I got my first Bratz doll yesterday since I decided to do this hobby blog. (This is not my first doll in my life.)

I call her Jen. I named her after my supportive friend who collects Bratz dolls. ^_^ Jen will watch over my progress. +_+b

For those who are curious, I bought this doll online. She is an old model that is no longer in production. According to my friend, she said this doll is from 2010. However, I think this doll might be 2013. [Edit 11/10/16: It seems 2010 is more accurate via Google search. 2013 shows a different style.] I checked the box and I could not find the year… I do know that this doll is called Jade from the Xpress It line. There are a few Xpress It from different years. This doll should pop up after a little research~

I was originally debating if I should get Jade or Yasmin from Xpress It. In the end, I decided to buy Jade from Xpress It because she really stood out. I like her hair because it is different from the typical hair down styles. Her clothes and hair combined gives off a playful feel, but not bizarre. The outfit really reminds me of the people I hung out with during my school years. XD

I also picked Jade from Xpress It because I like the older Bratz models rather than the new ones that go for $10 at Walmart. The new models have a different feel. I have gathered different opinions as to why that is so. One said the color is too bright and colorful. I compared the new and old Bratz photos and it might be true, but I didn’t check the physical product at Walmart, so I’m not too sure. Another said the feet are big in an odd way. I agree with this after looking at many photos of old Bratz dolls. Maybe the company was aiming to make the dolls more cartoonish. Lastly, my friend said the newer ones feel a bit childish. I think it is due to the two points mentioned above.

In all, I am really excited that my Bratz doll arrived! I’ve been researching for days. After purchasing, I constantly tracked my package everyday. Now the wait is over~ ^~^


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