Important: Regarding Comment Spam

Click the read more link to see the full message. Here is a summary of the message:

  • I cannot tell what is a spam comment or not, so I am sorry if I deleted yours by accident.
  • Give me hints/make it obvious when you comment, so I know it isn’t spam.
  • I’ll be picky with links if you post any. I will most likely delete them.
  • Do NOT use a link as username.
  • Do NOT click links not provided by me. If you do, I am not held liable if it is a virus link.

Yikes! I’ve been made aware today of some of the auto-generated comments thanks to an epic fail on one of the commentor’s part. (Really, thank you. :’D)

From now on, I might or might not unspam a comment depending on the content. Since I have no way of telling if it is a spam or not, I will say beforehand that I am sorry if I took your comment as a spam. Please kindly let me know if your comment is not a spam by making it obvious, such as tailor it to the post the comment is going to or referencing parts of my blog, or anything of the sort. Maybe even say my name or other names mentioned in this blog! It will help a lot and make it less likely that your comment will stay under the spam section.

Also, I will only allow noticeably safe links (i.e. WordPress and other major websites that I know. Note the key word “I.”) for commenting. Otherwise, I will remove them the moment I see them. Of course, do not use a link in place of your username. If I see this, I will consider it a spam message. This is for the safety of my readers and myself.

For anyone who visit this website, IF THE LINKS ARE NOT PROVIDED BY ME, PLEASE take caution before clicking! I am not held liable if you click into a virus link!

Thank you for your understanding!

(I am quite surprised at how nice and encouraging the spam comments sound. Why do I feel like they might link to a virus, though? o_o …)

(PS. Now I feel like I’ve replied to a bunch of spam messages. :’D GG. I talk to robots/AI.)


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