Creativerse Screenshots ~ Around Christmas Part 2

First post can be found here.

(Pictures of the factory will be shown later in this post.)

After fixing up the factory, I went to build the inn. The factory reminded me of a tourist place, so I thought, why not an inn as well? (Ya, I was influenced by my Las Vegas trip quite a bit. :P)

I had planned for the inn to be very very spacious and grand… I started with the outer shell again. I kind of “drew” where the inn will be at. I wanted the inn to take about 2/3 of the land… :’D


After I finished “drawing,” I found out it was only 1/2 of the land. It was a bummer to me at the time. In the picture above, the blue squares are my land. I have 2 squares. The top square is where the inn is located. The brown rectangle is the inn. (In the square below the inn, there are 2 tiny rectangles. Those are actually the factory. You can see how much bigger the inn is compared to the factory.)

As I built the inn, problems arose…

  1. I needed A LOT of wheat, but my mini farm was good enough…for now… (I had already expanded the mini farm of wheat by a bit already by this time.)
  2. I built the inn on uneven land… To be precise, I built it on a hill… ; ~ ; I had to take down part of the hill when building this place. I kept part of the hill though, to make the place not too flat, I guess? It made the “first floor” very weird. The “first floor” had another floor below it or something.
  3. What am I going to build with an inn that big? :’D … What am I putting in there to fill up all the space??? Decorations would be nice, but this game doesn’t have too many decorative items such as paintings, different types of vases that aren’t just cubes, etc.

I doomed myself the moment I wanted to build a grand inn.

When I started this inn project, it was already the 22nd. I realized this project was a lot of work… so this happened:


There was a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and internal screaming while building this place. I have witnesses. I constantly told my friends that I wasn’t paid enough to build this inn. :’D I know, bad joke.

It was no easy task to build this from scratch. However, there was some joy in doing so. What I like about Creativerse is I get to see the process of how things get created. From an empty plot of land to the first layer of the inn, to the 2nd layer… from an empty floor into a floor full of rooms and beds, etc… And of course, the end result.

Here’s a picture of the first floor when I could still see it in this view (meaning, before I put the whole ceiling of first floor):


Hmm.. well, I forgot to take a picture before I covered up the center. Anyways, the first floor is where you see the block with the swirl. That block is the front desk. The stairs to the right leads to the 2nd floor. In this picture you can see part of the 2nd floor as well. Yes, the 2nd floor is empty because I was still working on the first. 😛

While building… there were frustrations such as this:


That black space is the sky. I was so close to finishing the ceiling. I only needed that part before it was finished. Later on, I expanded my wheat farm to be almost twice its original size. Even then, I barely had enough of wheat to keep going non-stop…

Here is a picture of another part of first floor~


Actually, the area where I am standing is below the first floor. Behind the fence at the top is the shopping area. The fence right in front of me and the 1 layer blocks make up the drinks store.


Here is a sapling………. 😀 …….. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! ❤ Yes, I am growing my 2nd tree because I am lazy to reconstruct a tree manually.

Right, I forgot to mention that all the brown floor and walls you see… and the candy cane fence, they are ALL event-only recipes that I got from Holiday Gift (boxes). Also, these items require wheat to create each block… :’D (I forgot if the candy cane one requires it… I doubt it, but you get the idea!)

Anyways, after I finished the first floor, I made a bridge connecting the factory to the inn.


This bridge was created and finished on the 23rd! 😀 …….. 2 more days until Christmas… :’D ….


The picture above showed my progress up to this point!

On the 24th, I hurried to continue the 2nd floor. I made outline of bedrooms and placed the furniture while the walls were still short. It was a lot faster to jump to each bedroom than if I had to walk into each room to do that.

I also built the restrooms!


I am so proud of my sewage system! (I giggle every time I remember what I did there. :’D) For those who can’t tell what is going on in the picture, I’ll give you hints. The water at the center of the picture is… from the restroom. 😀 … The water to the top of the image is… a natural river~

By the 25th… Christmas day…..


Yup… I didn’t finish in time… X_X It was so close yet so far… *Sigh.*


This is a picture of the 2nd floor. Some of the bedrooms have a ceiling. That means I finished the inside of the bedrooms as well. Creating this part of the building required a lot, a lot of wheat because of the walls/ceiling. There were also not enough time to let the wheat grow in-game because I was concentrating on building the walls/ceiling. (When I was making the first floor, I had to take apart the hill, create furniture, etc. It gave time for the wheat to grow.)


Here is a top view of one of the unfinished rooms.

Well, on Christmas, I went back to the factory to take pictures of it~ :3 I AM PROUD OF THE FACTORY I MADE!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are over 30 pictures of it. I stuffed it all in this slideshow above. In one of the pictures, you can see how tall my Christmas tree is. I never made a roof for this building because of my tree! :’D Also, you can see the bunny statues I mentioned before in some of these pictures.

I finally finished the inn on the 30th!


I made it in time for New Year’s Eve, at least! 😀


This is a more updated picture of the map. You can even see the bridge that connects the two places.

After I finished, I forgot to take screenshots of that place. ^_^;;; Well, I’ll take screenshots in the future and post it or something. For now, I am done~ I need a break from building. :’D The inn needs touch-ups, too. I’ll think about fixing it up later as well.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, here is my “home” in that game~


(Ya, I never built a house in World B. :’D)

Update: Here is the remainder of the screenshots~ This project is complete!


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