Las Vegas

Over the weekend, I went to Las Vegas with my family for vacation. It was a nice break from the usual routine.

First stop was ramen shop.

I believe the sign says “Ramen Sora.”

I ordered the first item on the menu with miso soup base. ^~^

It was a bit before we settle in the hotel. We stayed in Palazzo.

This place is connected to Venetian hotel.

I got a bit lost when I was trying to find the gift shops which happen to be on level 2 in the Venetian side.

I wanted to ride this, but no time. >_<

This was for snack. :3 The bread was so delicious. Of course, the lobster was great, too. It costed $20 though! OxO

This place served good food. Too bad I forgot the name of the dishes. Also, excuse the bitten pizza. :’D It was one of my favorites.

At night, we walked over to Treasure Island while sightseeing.

Next day we went to a buffet. It was located in Aria hotel.

I stuffed myself… 😀 They had different section for different culture food. Most of the food was okay. The sushi and egg benedict were bad… Their selection is limited if you only like a specific culture food because each section is small. The gold I found was they had self serve Thai tea. I really love tea~ I also ordered hot tea.

It tastes pretty good because the tea bag contains loose leaves.

After the buffet we went sightseeing Aria.

I actually saw these rocks on the road to Las Vegas.

After leaving Aria, we went to Wynn hotel for even more sightseeing.

I can see the Palazzo hotel from Wynn’s balcony. It’s very peaceful and windy here.

At night, the waterfall lights up.

The balcony have a different atmosphere by then. It feels like an evening party.

Evening comes dinner. We ate at Allegro.

We didn’t eat much because we were at the buffet earlier. The waiter here was being very helpful and understanding.
After dinner, I went to gamble… and lost money.  ||||orz Better luck next time!

After we left Wynn, I went to Palazzo and Venetian shopping level to do last minute shopping because we need to leave the next day.

I’m thinking of giving the pink cups to my dolls… o_o

This hotel room is pretty fancy. I like the remote control curtains. Beyond the curtains was…

The next day was check out day. I think this hotel room was very luxurious. The only thing I didn’t like was the bathroom doors with no locks…

For lunch, we went back to Wynn to eat at their buffet. We actually had to wait in line for a long time before we got in.

I stuffed myself again. :’D Excuse the bite marks and empty tamale. I was too hungry.

I feel the main course was pretty good, but there were more food I didn’t like compared to Aria’s buffet. I believe it has to do with personal taste. The sauces for some were a bit weird to me. The tea bag they use isn’t as good either. However, this place, I have to admit, have way better desserts than the other buffet.

I ate until half full in order to try out their desserts.

This is only a small selection of what they have available. In this picture there is Lava Cake, Thai Tea Glass, Lychee Green Tea Cupcake, Creme Brulee, and Tiramisu. I like all except the Lychee Green Tea Cupcake and Thai Tea Glass. I got other desserts, too. Carrot cake was delicious. The popcorn cake they had was one of the weirdest dessert I ate here. I don’t like it, but my family loves it.

This is Pinapple Guava Agua Fresca.

It’s my favorite drink here! It’s so refreshing. I don’t usually like guava this much, but this drink is too irresistable.

Last but not least, this is the best dessert they have.

Lychee Gelato! There are even lychee pieces in it. It was so good that I had to get seconds. ^~^ I miss it already… T~T

After the buffet, we were ready to leave.

Last minute picture before we go.

The theater behind is showing Le Reve the Dream. I wanted to watch… but no time. 😥

After this we went to an outlet.

I did more shopping before going home~

Staying in Las Vegas, I notice the air gets very dry. It wasn’t my first time going to Las Vegas, but I don’t remember the place being so dry. By the last day, I shocked (with static electricity) most people who touch me except my niece…

Overall, it was a fun trip. There were some things I wanted to do like visit Circus Circus (because I never saw it), watch Le Reve the Dream, ride the canoe, and gamble more for Wynn’s red card bonus spin. I hope to do some of these the next time I go there~ It’ll be great if i could stay in Wynn as well~ I like the atmosphere there the most besides Venetian’s shopping level.


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