Creativerse Screenshots ~ Around Christmas

Alright, so I found a bunch of screenshots I took during the past few weeks in Creativerse. There are a bunch, so I think I’ll split them into several posts~

There was a Christmas event going on and I was tempted to gather all the recipe. I was even more motivated when I found out the recipes stuck around after the event was over, plus the ingredients needed to create the blocks were still obtainable even after the event!

Alright, long story short (not really), I gathered recipes for a few days. o_o I went around in the snow to find present boxes called “Holiday Gift.”

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Originally, I didn’t have much motivation to build in World B (a nickname I gave for my friend’s Creativerse world). It was because I had to leave World A (a stranger’s world that we decided to join before World B) and a lot of my “projects” (ie. stuff I built such as buildings, bridges, holes, etc.) were in that world. I just went in World B and didn’t start any big projects. I only went on to create small projects, such as bunny statues or whatever it was called. When we had the event, I didn’t bother to build anything. I just went to gather recipes and that was it.

After gathering all the recipe, I suddenly had an idea and motivation to build a factory in World B. I originally wanted to build a farm to gather materials quickly. I wanted a place where all the essentials were gathered in one place, so I didn’t need to run around, wasting time, just to make one item. The idea of a “factory” came from the recipes, though. Instead of a farm, I made a factory because the recipes were all Christmas theme, and when I think Christmas… the gifts factory popped up in my head.

Anyways… I built the place thinking I would put all the “farm” items in one place. When I say farm, I actually mean things that I need a lot of… such as water blocks, molasses, and wheat…

I started building a rectangle building and I pictured the place to be very tall and spacious. When I finished the shell (the walls and floor), I looked at it and felt it was a bit of a waste… I had already planted wheat outside and now I had to move it inside? It didn’t “fit in” to me… What I ended up doing was… the building didn’t become the factory that I had pictured. o_o I really decorated the building… and I ended up leaving the farm outside instead. :O Then another idea came up. I went to the M&M’s factory during a vacation a few years ago. They had a gift shop after we got to see the production process… 😀 I figured.. why not I keep my building very decorated and turn it into that gift shop instead? 😀 That’s what I did, and now the building doesn’t look like a factory, but I still call it that.

I wanted to finish the factory by Christmas… and when we talk about Christmas… we think of Christmas trees! I wanted one in the building, so I went gathering leaves and wood blocks. I also got some saplings while gathering the leaves and wood blocks. When it was time to reconstruct a tree that I had taken down from another area… I didn’t know where to start. THEN I REALIZED I HAD A SAPLING! Why not just plant a Christmas tree instead? It would save me the trouble. 😀 That’s what I did~

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The next day I logged in, I found a beautiful tree in the factory. ^_^ … A very beautiful and… TALL TREE?! When I saw how tall the tree grew, I was laughing so hard. I didn’t expect it to be that tall. Oh well, I kept the tree. I only trimmed the leaves where it passed through the walls.

I’ll stop here for now~ I’ll write more in another post~ ^_^ It was a long process making these buildings… X_X

Updated: The 2nd post is here~


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