Mystic Messenger – Commissioned rc-04 Art

20171026_044038 tinted greyscale wm

Days ago, I commissioned rc-04 to draw a sleeping 707 hugging an MC plushie. 😀 It turned out really great! This was my first time commissioning an artist, so I was a little nervous.

The whole commission was done in steps. She allowed me to give my opinion and changed whatever I was not satisfied with. I was quite picky, but I was glad she patiently changed whatever I asked.

She also made some good suggestions. Using his jacket as a blanket was her idea. XD She also drew his glasses on the MC plushie doll, which is cute. I originally pictured it off to the side, but this is better! My instructions were vague at times, and she did her best to draw whatever that looked right/nice. 😀

For this drawing, I chose tidy lineart, solid shade, and waist-up. 😀 There is no background for the commission. The cheesy background and watermark was done by me for reasons.

The full version is on Tumblr (with proper watermarks of course):