Inktober 2017 Has Started!

Lol… My post is so late that it’s almost October 2nd. :’D


This year is my first time attempting to participate in Inktober. I only heard about it sometime at the end of last year or beginning of this year. I somehow missed Inktober all these years. Maybe I wasn’t following the social media close enough… or at least the ones that had it.

Although I said I plan to participate… I don’t plan to go too in-depth in the drawings. First of all, I struggle a lot when I draw. This includes those little doodles that I do (like my profile icon). It takes me a longggg time just to draw something so simple as a doodle. :< I don’t want to make Inktober a chore. I have other things I want to do in the month of October… Like… I am expecting Elsword to have a Halloween event for example. *COUGH* Or I have some digital drawing thingy that I plan to finish for Halloween that I’ll upload on Facebook or other social media. ETC!

Instead, I plan to go easy with Inktober and pretty much just doodle or something. I want to use Inktober to up my frequency in drawing, even if it is just a doodle. I hope in doing so, at least I can start to draw slightly faster…?????? Wishful thinking? I will find out.

This is for fun and hopefully improvement in drawing. I think even if I only doodle, I will get something out of this. 😀

As for what prompts I will use… I don’t know… I tried to find an existing Mystic Messenger prompt that I like, but I only found one…? Instead of finding a specific prompt to follow, I might just make it along the way. OR I might just mix match the prompts…