Mystic Messenger – V Route Bad Relationship Ending 1

So I accidentally got Bad Relationship Ending 1…. I am quite surprised!

First of all, I am surprised that I even got this ending at all. I had a very hard time trying to get Bad Relationship Ending 2 for 707 route, so I assumed that no participation to little participation was the only way to get it. In this playthrough, however, I actually participated in several chatrooms per day. I don’t remember going lower than 30% in any day either. That’s why this was a surprise. It worked out well for me because I am a collector (?). I am trying to get different endings and options in each route. I already got Bad Story Ending 1 for this route. I was actually aiming to get Bad Story Ending 2 when I accidentally got this ending instead.




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One day I will reorganize this blog… ONE DAY…

Also, I’ve been procrastinating way too much. I actually forgot what I wanted to write…… ;;; Not too motivated to write about old events either.

I need to figure out how I will go about this blog. I’ve been using mobile A LOT MORE OFTEN.. to the point where I have days where I let my computer collect dust. Mobile is convenient, but it could be a hassle to quickly do certain things. For instance… like… organizing this blog? *COUGHHH*

Anyways…. I’ll probably be away for days after I post this. ;;; LET’S SEE HOW MOTIVATED I AM TO POST AGAIN!

Random thought: I still need a name to sign the “art” I draw. :<

Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (2016)

AHHHHHHHHH! My new toy arrived!!! I have been doodling with this cheap stylus for the past few doodles. The stylus tip was getting to me…. QQ

It was a good companion nonetheless.

Anyways, I got this tablet specifically for drawing because it has the S Pen. It went on sale, so I impulse bought this. It also didn’t help that lately I feel like drawing will be a good hobby to pick up again. I was really inspired by Tumblr and Twitter artists. :’D I didn’t expect to be inspired enough to pick up this old hobby for this “long.” (I mean I expected to drop this hobby after drawing 1 or 2 pictures.)

So far, I used the tablet to doodle/”sketch” an OC that I plan to use as a profile picture for Mystic Messenger app. :’D I really hope that the picture come out okay… @_@

As for my experience with using this tablet… so far no complaints, but I do see some noticeable downgrade in display quality compared to my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2… unless my eyes are tricking me or I messed up the settings. Regardless if the display is better or worse, I bought this for drawing. It works for now, so I am happy with the tablet.

The thing I am not happy is… I bought a screen protector for this tablet. I applied it on slightly slanted. My OCD is killing me each time I press the home button. QQ Also, the screen protector is not smooth even though it boast to feel like the original screen… It is causing a lot of friction if I don’t press the S Pen hard enough. ._. I was also dumb enough to pay like $9 when there exist a $4 option……. of the same product. AHHHH impulse buying is bad. :’D

Mystic Messenger – My Opinion/Reaction On the Cost of V Route

I… I….


Let’s try this again.

I played it immediately after I updated the previous post. The prologue was so long, but the first half had me screaming internally. I was fangirling so much that I paused nearly every line to calm myself. :’D I even lost concentration a few times. QAQ

I will try not to post spoilers until the iOS version is out.

There are already some things I want to comment on in the prologue, but I think it is best to see it firsthand first.

….Andddd that is not what this post is about. :’D

This is a long post on how I feel about the price to play V’s route.

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Mystic Messenger – V Route Released

So a little before 3AM PST of September 8th, 2017… Cheritz made a Tumblr post announcing that V route is officially released!!!


V route made it in time for V’s birthday, which is September 9. 😀

Edit: Huh, the game updated, but the route is still inaccessible. It should be out today for Android users, so I will check again later.

Edit2: Ohh, I see. The game version needs to be 1.8.2. I am only at 1.8.1a. I guess I can’t catch the ~3 AM chat on my first play through. :< (If there is one.)

UPDATE: Cheritz announced a Twitter event to celebrate V’s route. The event requires either a drawing or a photo of a pose we might make if V were to take our picture. The prize is 1 random emoji cushion and 1 random VA’s autograph for each winner. There are a total of 10 winners.

Ahhhhhh…. Emoji cushion is so tempting… >~< I don’t know if I will join this event though… I don’t have any ideas right now. ;;;


Ah, what is sleep again?

Mystic Messenger – August, Now September 

This is more for me to look back on…*Coughhh my diary*

Summary of Mystic Messenger Fandom during August-

From 1st to 24th: WHERE IS V ROUTE? WHERE IS UNKNOWN ROUTE THO? Lots of guesses on what the V route is like. Lots of debates about Rika.

24th: In a Tumblr post, Cheritz announced V route will be postponed to September 2017. They also released a V route opening video in the same post. Fandom explodes with a bunch of fanarts, memes, and theories relating to the video. More debates on the route and Rika. “IS V ROUTE HERE YET?” posts die down a bit……

Now September…

Waiting for V route memes/posts are back!
I think if Cheritz can finish on time, they might aim to release V route soon for his birthday. : O (His birthday is on the 9th of September.) I mean, that would be cool if it happens. It is also understandable if it takes longer before they can release the route. Game-making is quite tough and I am not being sarcastic. I appreciate their hardwork and I would rather play the game when it is less buggy than to play a buggy version because they rushed it out.

So, meanwhile I swim in Mystic Messenger Fandom’s memes, fics, hc, and random stuff to keep me entertained.

Drawing Hobby + Mystic Messenger MC Doodle


Welp, neverending list of things to post… ;;; Yet I skip all that to post this instead~

Anyways… I did a doodle of MC from Mystic Messenger by Cheritz. I kept saying I won’t draw fanart (including doodles)… About 8 months into this obsession, I finally gave in and doodled MC. ;;;

Yup, I messed up a bit, but I drew with a pen, so I can’t fix it. :<

The fanarts I saw on Tumblr and Twitter really made me feel like drawing again! ^^ Ahhhh… now I KIND OF want to pick up my drawing hobby again, but I don’t know… It’s a bit of a struggle for me because I am a beginner.

I still don’t know if I want to post more art here. (Not saying it won’t happen.) I haven’t decided where I will post, actually. Tumblr sounds good, but I do get intimidated… ;;; Oh well, it is something to think about when I actually have something to show. :’D


I’ve been eyeing Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S Pen and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3…. I am really interested in drawing on a screen with a pressure sensitivity pen. : x It finally sounds possible without paying over $1k to get one… (Yes, I am referring to the Wacom ones.) The Samsung tablets are also portable. I don’t need to plug into a computer for it to work. That’s a major plus.

I can’t decide which one to get and they are both pretty pricey… ;;; @_@ Well, I heard the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S Pen could be $50 cheaper, so I kind of don’t want to buy it right now. If the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is like another $50 cheaper, I might just buy that immediately. Some things on the S3 tablet seems to be a noticeable upgrade, so… ……. but the price. *SIGH*