Mystic Messenger – version 1.7.8 is out

There is a new Mystic Messenger update that made the fandom explode and awaken from the dead (if there were any parts of it dead after all those 1 year anniversary events).

There are 2 highlights in this update…

  1. The UI update changes the game’s UI completely. It is no longer the same theme.
  2. The … special… “coming soon” image.

First, let’s talk about the UI update.

There are pros and cons to the UI update. This is a picture of the old UI:

This is a picture of the new UI:

Cheritz took this chance to put a translation for the opening greeting. I appreciate this little addition. I’ve always wondered what the characters were saying whenever I open the game.

Design-wise, it has a more simpler look to it now. There are lesser effects in the background like the ripple effect or the spinning rings. The icon/button/wallpaper designs are all simplified in colors and shapes. Even some images were removed to keep up with the simplicity theme.

Here is an example of a background image removed:

The new one looks like this:

A noticeable change is the new color theme. The color theme is mint instead of brown/orange. This actually bugs me a lot… I was very comfortable with having RFA as orange/brown color and Mint Eye as mint color… *Sigh*

Aside from the color theme, there is another theme going on in this new design. It is, yes, the space theme! The background is now a bunch of flashing white dots on black instead of the distinct diamond net design with RFA logo. Here is the more noticeable space theme addition:

The cursors are now planet shape!

Overall, I am not happy with the UI change. The only part I like is the translation addition. I don’t like the new UI because it is so devoid of colors. Out of all colors, it is mint that was chosen… and we know of “mint” as the Mint Eye’s color… I don’t feel warmth when I login to the game… I used to feel warmth entering the game because I recognize the app as RFA’s app. This will take some time for my brain to adjust. I hope they have a good explanation for the color choice.

The space theme part I actually understand. It is canon that 707 made the app for Rika, so she could have an easier time managing the party. 707 likes space, and since he created the app… Ya, I can accept this explanation for the space theme.

There is another thing that bugs me a lot. The old UI design is a match with the opening theme song. The rings, the diamond shapes… they were used in the opening song. Everything just fits and look very aesthetic. I feel like the new UI just came out of no where… I wish they kept the new UI design for the new routes only, specifically if they plan to make Mint Eye routes…

Next, let’s talk about the actual thing that made the fandom explode. The “coming soon” teaser image.

As you can see, there is a new section in the story selection. It reads “Another Story.” It is an addition to the “Casual Story” and “Deep Story.”

In August of this year, we are expecting a new route!!! The sneaky Cheritz included this teaser in their UI/patch update post. :’D They did it in a blurry image and the fans were so eager to update their app just to see the image clearly.

Currently, the fandom believes this person is going to be V. There is a surprisingly convincing Tumblr post about it. There was another post (<– the ask part) about it not being V, but Saeran. Who do I believe more…? I believe in the first post because of the EYES. In this game, each character seem to have their own eye shape.  AND I just searched for an old picture of the character eyes, but instead I found a Tumblr post by someone who has the same opinion as me! They explained what I was going to say, too. The first Tumblr post I linked to showed it clearly that the eyes are a near 100% match. The hair may not match though, but in this game, people change their hairstyles, so it isn’t a big deal. Also, this game do have different artists! So, I am not surprised if another artist drew this without drawing the same hairstyle because hair can be hard to draw to look exactly the same style.

Today is day 2 since this update and the fandom is still exploding with posts about who this new route is for… Welp. We don’t know~ I do believe that that person is the same as this person (the guy wearing the pink blazer). Cheritz is so sneaky. They intentionally black/grey out the hair/face part so we cannot see the hair color. :’D

Another fandom discovery was this: the contacts for phone calls.

This can be interpreted in 2 ways. The first is aesthetics. The design to add 4 more circles with RFA logo is to keep it consistent with how it looks, so there is no blank space down there. However, Mystic Messenger is not known to do that for aesthetic. An example of that is the party guests page:

There is a gap at the bottom right corner. There is no filler image for that space.

The 2nd explanation as to why there are 4 more RFA logos in the phone contacts page is… there will be 4 more people we can call. Whether they are actual routes or just people we can call… this is going to be so interesting. I hope it realllllly is the 2nd reason! I would like to call more people… 😀

This update is so evil… I am getting excited, but we won’t know the answers until August. : I They didn’t tell us the exact date either… QAQ
Update: This Tumblr post pointed out more convincing evidence that this most likely is V’s route.


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