Mystic Messenger – 1 Year Anniversary Event (Continued)

I just login to get my freebies. When I went to the original story mode, a new chatroom popped up by itself. I was greeted by…

Seven and Yoosung~~~!! ❤ I melted. @_@

(It is random who greets us in the 1 year anniversary chatroom.)

At the end of the chatroom, I received my freebies.

I included this specific chat under the cut. I won’t add anymore. Please play the game to see the rest~!

***Spoilers Under the Cut!!!***

I actually got this chatroom twice in a row. :’D
Update: I know I said I won’t post anymore… but… I need to say it again… I love this game. 

Jumin gives yet another legit health advice. How can I hate this game?

(The other health advice/info he gave was during a phone call in the regular story about Vitamin D. I have Vitamin D deficiency and I wish someone told me facts about Vitamin D sooner… Oh, wait. I wish I met Jumin Han sooner. O: ) )


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