Mystic Messenger – 1 Year Anniversary Event

I am so excited! Cheritz posted on Twitter and Tumblr that there is an anniversary event. We can get free hourglasses (100) and hearts (365) during July 8th to July 10th on first login. There is also free 24 hours of max speed. We also get greeted by an RFA member in a chatroom everytime we login! I wonder how that goes~

I suggest getting the rewards as soon as possible because it’ll be bad to miss it, right?

Ah, it seems I forgot to make a post about the anniversary merchandise. There was a poll to vote for which character will get to be made into a merchandise. This poll was available from June 26, 2017 to July 3, 2017. As for what type of merchandise, that is a secret that will be announced on the same day as the announcement for the winner, which is July 9, 2017.

Here are the screenshots of the poll if you are curious and missed it…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Huh… Wait… After re-reading the poll details… I feel like they might make merchandise for all characters…??? MAYBE??? (Like some very small % chance…???) The Tumblr post implies that the character chosen is the character that will be made into merchandise. Here is the quote:

“The character with most votes will be made into a merchandise you all have wished for!”

– cheritzteam (Tumblr)

However, the poll says this:

“The character ranking #1 in this popularity poll will be the main character for our next merch!”

– from the poll details (Can be found in one of my poll screenshots)

It says “main character”… Well, that can be interpreted in 2 ways:

  1. The main character who will represent Mystic Messenger and will be the only character appearing in the merchandise.
  2. The main character who will be the focus, but will have other characters for smaller/cheaper merchandise.

This is just a guess… and wishful thinking. I hope it is #2 because it’s only fair that everyone gets a chance to buy the merchandise of their favorite character(s).

Hmm… After much thought, I am not convinced that there will be merchandise for other characters… If there was, Cheritz would already say so because a part of the fandom have already expressed that they do not want 707 to win (<– the anon message)they want other characters to be made into merchandise, and they even send hate messages for that… ;;;

Welp, it is almost July 9th, so we’ll see what happens! 😀 Whoever wins, I am excited~ ^^ (I hope 707 wins, but I don’t mind if other characters win! I do understand that the other characters need their own merchandise, too!)



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