Anime Expo 2017 – Day 1

***Just to get this post out ASAP, there are missing parts to this post. I will edit it later. ***


Update (11/4/17): I actually forgot what I was going to write… ;;; I forgot to update ASAP, sorry! I will just leave this as is along with any other unfinished posts. ;;;;;;;


Well, I arrived a bit before noon. I was stuck outside because the entry line was so long that it took 2 hours to get in. I only had 3 hours to explore AX… Plus I was tired.  T_T

I cosplayed as MC from Mystic Messenger. 😀 (I didn’t see anyone from Mystic Messenger though… QQ) I got tired of carrying, so I ate the prop (HBC and Dr. Pepper). :’D Heyyy~ I know it’s not really MC’s symbol. If someone told me that at AX, I’ll just say I took it from 707. +_+ b

I love to get freebies~ One of my quest at Anime Expo is to find booths that give out free stuff!

The first free thing I got was from a booth right at the entrance. I forgot the name of the booth, but it was a Dragonball Super booth.

They even had the dragon hung right above their booth. I remember they were promoting a card game for Dragonball.

[Insert image?]

The freebie bag consisted of a manga sample of volume 1 chapter 1. It also have some cards and explanation on how to play the card game.

The next free thing I got was a printed bag from the Shall We Date? booth.

It’s a really big bag that basically held everything I had. I am glad I got it because I didn’t bring the free bag from badge pickup.

In order to get this, they made us do a survey. (*Cough*I put Cheritz as my favorite dating sim company.*Cough*)

While waiting in line to fill out the survey, they gave out stickers for us to… choose our favorite character.

That made me laugh. :’D What a creative way to stick those stickers. :’D I stuck one on Luke. I really like that art style. (This is off topic, but I never really played this series because the art style was not for me. After noticing that the style changes per game, it makes me want to try the one I might like.)

After the survey, there was a section to get a free pin. We have to take a picture with the cardboard cut of the characters. I am glad the game for this part was Lost Alice. 😀 I also got a pin of Luke. Perfect. : )

[Something happened here.]

My favorite freebie has to be from NISAmerica booth.

They made us go on a quest for stamps to get a free medallion and a chance to spin the wheel.

It was a short quest. It’s easier than the Sailor Moon quest from last year.

Only 2 stamps were not from the same booth. However, those booth are nearby, so it’s not bad.

I spun the wheel for a prize and got…

Art book!!! I’m a collector, so I like this~ I want to try to get the other stuff on other days.


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