Mystic Messenger – version 1.7.8 is out

There is a new Mystic Messenger update that made the fandom explode and awaken from the dead (if there were any parts of it dead after all those 1 year anniversary events).

There are 2 highlights in this update…

  1. The UI update changes the game’s UI completely. It is no longer the same theme.
  2. The … special… “coming soon” image.

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Mystic Messenger – OST

I finally got around to listening to the Original Sound Track that I bought a few months ago… (It was included in the VIP Package. I wrote about that package in this post…)

It was my first time listening to the ending song in English. :’D I am sooooo not used to it!! I don’t usually listen to the ending song, but I guess the OST got me to listen to it more often. It’s a beautiful song. (It used to make me sad that’s why I don’t listen to it. T_T)

A thing about listening to the OST is… well… I still play Mystic Messenger. :’D And… I turn on the game in the same room that the OST plays…

There were a few times when I was playing Mystic Messenger and I heard “Mysterious Clues.” I started getting all confused because my brain remembered it as Unknown’s theme, but he wasn’t on the screen. :’D (It’s actually played during other scenes, too.)

There was also the other times when “Geniously Hacked Bebop” started playing. (This BGM is louder and more upbeat than the other ones, so it stands out.) I thought I had my game open. Then, I realized it was the OST. :’D I was all like, “OH! 707 chatroom! Wait…” (Yes, I am guilty of multitasking and leaving my chatrooms on for long periods of time if I “forgot” to go back to the chatroom… ^^;; I’ve been multitasking too much lately.)


Mystic Messenger – Kinlkeyl’s Shop

Kinlkeyl reopened pre-orders today! The pre-order items are the Mystic Messenger acrylic charms and 707 dakimakura. For the dakimakura, she added peachskin for those who could not afford the 2way tricot! šŸ˜€ The pre-order ends on August 3, 2017.

Here is the Tumblr post about it.

Here is herĀ Tictail shop.

I’ve bought from her shop many times… and it seems I didn’t write a blog post about the acrylic charms or the *COUGH* dakimakura. I’ll get to writing that post soon. (No guarantees how soon… :P) Well, I’ve shown the smaller pillow in another post

Elsword – Wedding Invitation Event

There was a gathering for Elsword KR. I am not too sure of the details. It was wedding themed, and I am pretty sure it cost to reserve a seat.

It was livestreamed on YouTube. There were English translation for the video… or at least partial translation.

During the event, they talked about upcoming updates. Aside from watching people eat, there was also fan arts on the monitor. They had a concert section, too. Lastly, they showed the anime, both episode 1 and 2.

Actually, the very last thing shown was… a hint for a 3rd class. Some people posted screenshots of the hints…

Here is a link to a Tumblr post that have the video of that reveal.

The 3rd class will arrive this winter (2017).

I have mixed feelings on this… I am just so used to the art for 2nd class… QAQ

Mystic Messenger – 1 Year Anniversary Merchandise

So… my wishful thinking was correct and yet I doubted myself.

Cheritz updated theirĀ online shop. They chose MORE THAN 1 WINNER AND included character goods for everyone.

I am impressed with this company. They really do listen to our concerns.

Yikes, how do I not spend more money??? I need that 707 body pillow. ā¤

Update: Cheritz officially announced the poll results onĀ TwitterĀ andĀ Tumblr. Guess who just “adopted a 707 butler?” :’D Oh, Cheritz…

Update 2: After I made my purchase, I checked the product page again. They took down the “add to cart” buttons and replaced it with “comming [sic] soon.” I wonder what are they fixing…? o_o ; Welp, I already ordered… I hope it is nothing bad. : x