This month have been so rough… I haven’t been writing posts this month because… I wasn’t in the mood. I even received merchandise shipments and it’s been collecting dust for a long time now.

I’ve been so unlucky this month. I keep hearing bad news one after another. I’m just a bit tired now. *Sigh.*

I also have mixed feelings with my current situation. I’ve been prepping for a month for something big and I heard some inside news that I won’t be able to even go there and try. It’s been making me nervous at the thought of it and now I am not given the chance to even try…? : / It took a lot of convincing for myself to try it… And now it feels like the effort is wasted… It feels bad. =o=

I hope this is just another detour and I’ll get to where I want one day. However long it takes, I hope I get there.


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