Mystic Messenger – Cheritz New Content Announcement – Fandom Speculation

I was expecting some DLC for a certain… 2 characters… because their birthday are coming soon…

Well, today, Cheritz revealed more future new content. The post can be seen here.

Under the cut are some speculations/opinions.


***Spoilers Under the Cut!***


Since they said it is still being developed… I have a feeling it won’t make it on time for this weekend. : x This means it most likely is not a birthday DLC for the twins. I hope I am wrong though! I really want to celebrate Saeyoung’s and Saeran’s birthday! @_@ Or maybe there is a DLC for their birthday, but it is not announced because they want to hype this new content first and surprise us with a new DLC on their birthday. I can hope, right? 😀

That aside… The mysterious figure in the picture… I want to believe that is Saeran. My reason is this: the fandom wanted Saeran route for a while now. It’s true the fandom also wanted V route for a while now, but he has Rika. It was a plot point that V did many things for Rika, and his love for her is very deep. I feel this makes it unlikely for Cheritz to make V a route compared to Saeran, who is single… It’s just… easier… That’s how I see it. I’m not saying V route won’t ever happen, but I feel Saeran’s route would go first if anything.

WITH THAT SAID… I hope that mysterious character is an EXISTING character already! I don’t want to see a new name… I’m not up for a new name right now… X_X … Please, please be a name I saw before. I am fine if it is Vanderwood or like… um… TOM! YES! TOM!!! :’D … That would be funny.

(I secretly hope that is Saeran, though. :3 …. He’s not my type, but I would like to see how the story would be if the MC HELPED him willingly (or not…? but is more involved). I feel there could be more explanations to the story in this way.)

Someone on Tumblr made an interesting post. I am kind of hoping this is true. If there is a Mint Eye app, it will change up the game quite a bit… I’m guessing I’ll have to get used to a new group of characters, if this is the case…? BUT!!! It will allow for more future content/route if this really is true… (They can use this chance to add new characters!) This means, the game can stretch longer without feeling like the main story was affected negatively. I’m all for having the game updating in this way. :3

Hmm… To add onto the Mint Eye app idea… I think it’s possible that Rika had Saeran make the app… Right? Rika used the RFA app before. It was convenient. Saeran can code… So why not? +_+


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